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business (Growth&Decline)

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(M2) Introduction In this assignment I have been given a task to elaborate the meaning of these three factors; growth, relative and absolute decline. I also have to describe two areas of growth and decline in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors where I will explain the reasons for these changes. Growth is when a business or sector increases; this means they produce more goods, and grow raw materials such as crops or are increasing the goods and/or services they provide mobile phones and customer assistance. Their scale of business also grows; branches increase, higher output in their business and more employees will be employed. Decline is the opposite of growth; production of business fails to produce, lost of customers increase, employees decrease and income of profit reduces. Relative decline is when a business or sector is not performing as well as it should. Absolute decline is when the performance of a business or sector lacks and will one day disappear. Primary sector - Growth Organic farming industry has grown and has become profitable for any business. Since the early 1990s organic food production has had growth rates of around 20% a year and Future growth is expected to range from 10-50% annually depending on the country); ...read more.


"One recent report in the journal Science predicted that if fishing carries on as it is now, 90 per cent of the world's fisheries will be exhausted within the next 40 years." Secondary sector-Growth Construction has grown dramatically because of trends. It has been said "By the year 2000, there were 10 times as many people on Earth as there were 300 years ago and As of October 2008, the world's population is estimated to be about 6.7 billion, the population of the world human population increased by 203,800 every day". Due to this reason contuctions have increased; building more homes, renewing buildings etc for the population. Clothe manufacturing has grown because of fashion, trends and profitability. So many people need clothes around the world, for this reason clothes manufacturers increase and produce more clothes they are a number of manufactures in the world which produce different style of clothing which some are fashion e.g nike and addidas for instance, nike is a globally known brand and is worn by all ages starting from children to adults this brand has become very profitable for their business. clothes manufactures grow because of the human population in the world the more people the more they sell this is why clothe manufacturing is profitable. ...read more.


The human population has risen in the last 300 years; more homes have been built for this reason. So many people intend to purchase a house, so they can have a house of their own and a number of people buy houses from agents to sell them to private individuals and make profit. The statistics say a "numerous of houses are being sold every year." Tertiary sector-Decline Music retail is declining because of technological developments. 3-4 years ago in most markets they were loads of music stores available providing various kinds of music in cds, tapes, cassettes etc, now since technology has developed music stores are less of its numbers because of computers and internets; these two components are used to download and listen to music, you can listen to different type of music off the internet for free. People don't need to buy cds to listen to music anymore they can just download it off the internet from different sources for free. Analogue TV retailers are absolute declining because of technological developments and analogue TVs were very common and was used by everybody in the past. When technology developed TV manufacturers produced new high definition television with more specifications such as built in DVD players, blue ray, Radio etc. Analogues TVs are getting old and becoming unwanted products since everybody is interested in more advanced televisions. ...read more.

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