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Business in the economy.

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Business in the economy The term primary industry means, getting something directly from the earth or using the natural resources for business. E.g. farming or mining etc. The term secondary industry means using raw materials to make products for business, example of secondary industry; turning dairy into milk to produce cheese. The term tertiary or service industry means providing jobs and services for other people, like banking, window cleaning etc. The large coal mining and steel making industries in south Wales have now almost disappeared and new jobs and business have taken over it. Jobs like Hitachi and a biscuit making company, which are secondary industries have taken over the old coal business. The Market Economy - Supply and Demand When goods are in short supply and the demand for it is high, then the ...read more.


When the company is not making enough profit they shut down they old business and run a new business and those who were employed for the old business, would get sacked or replaced by those who are good at the new business. One quarter of a million people once worked in the south Wales coal industry in 1917. Now there are very few because the demand for coal has declined and the reason for this is that companies are competing with each other, they reduced the price of their coal. The use of coals in people�s houses is reduced because people now use electricity rather that coal. these people who have lost their jobs feel very angry and disappointed, some are now too old to get another job and others have nothing else to do especially the young ones, who only hang about, doing nothing. ...read more.


What can Government do? The aim of the Cardiff Bay Development Corporation is to provide jobs for those who once worked in the mines that provide jobs for those who once worked in the mines that have now closed down and those who have no work, it is a very successful company and is supported very much by its workers. The only way? Some people think that there are things wrong with the Market Economy. They think that it doesn�t fulfil others needs and wants and the workers don�t get paid enough. So they have suggested a planned economy and say that it is better, they think that this way they will be able to find out what people want and need more, and what they need to make more of to meet others needs. ...read more.

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