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Business location case study - Richer Sounds and UKWeb co.

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Activity 1d Location Richer Sounds are located in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The reason that they moved to different location is because they have more shopper which means customers in that area. They have to principal in chosen their location which is included:- - They must be sufficient which means that they should be profitable to their customers - They store must not be too near to each other because they would simple lose out the same customers instead of having new ones. (Source: Richer Sounds website) They have to choose their store carefully because of they financial crisis and they also follow their store carefully because they want to find out the number of customers in the area and the location site if it is willing to attract as much customers as possible. Location of the business is a good indicator of the area and the business. Richer Sounds has being located at London for the past 31 years. This shows that they are well established for the past years. ...read more.


Because they are some areas that customers get bored of so they need some thing new - It may be cheaper location where they are more customers - Good transport service and excellent parking space. Excellent parking space is needed because of the products being sold. Richer Sounds deals with a range HI-FI, home cinema, video and DVD products. Customers need space to be able to carry the product that they bought to the car or to any other transportation links. - No competition area - Less demand for the products and the business is forced to downscale in size but it doesn't necessary mean bankrupt but instead it means that they just have to cut down in some areas that are not doing well. - More skills in Asia such as China/ Japan which have a larger industrial sector and a manufacture - Area might be poor - Customer boredom - Style of the customer might change e.g. Woolworth is no longer on the high streets but they are now online. ...read more.


Being in a house doing a business is not professional and the business become less popular and less conductive for the customers. And they expanded and the business grew. -Relocating business is the most stressful thing and some times exciting because it's a private limited company- Even as a small business they are factor that can still cause the business to relocate. But as a small business, they have an opportunity to still grow and they have plans for expectations. Most factors that can cause UKWebCo.com to relocate in the later future would be:- - Increase - Growth of the business - Cheaper work force in India - More skills in Asia such as * China/ Japan which have a larger industrial sector and a manufacture * India which has more skills in ICT and are technical and advance. - They are near customers - They have less demand for the products and the business is forced to downscale and size. - Reduction of cost can affect their business - Exchange rate can affect them because of the pound downfall the same as Euro - Raw materials such as Electricity - Also an advantage on low interest rates ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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