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Business Location

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Location Homelands Golf Centre Homelands golf centre is located in an ever growing town called Ashford. The golf club is in a small part of Ashford called Kingsnorth; it's a very quite peaceful play for the golfers. The address for Homelands is Ashford Rd, Kingsnorth, Ashford, Kent, TN26 1NJ. Towards the left is a map of Homelands. The factors that influence the choice of location are the golf club is located in a quite area, so the golfers are not distracted. Homelands Is located in a large expanding town so it will attract more golfers to the club. It is located in the middle of the town so it is easy accessible from any where in the area. It is very spacious for expanding the golf club. ...read more.


It's in a very peaceful area so the golfers can concentrate as much as they can on there swing. The bad points for the location of the business are there isn't the biggest amount of land for them to build on, or create new holes on but there is enough. To improve this they could buy fields near by so they can improve and make their golf course bigger and larger. Their course is only 9 holes currently but with 18 tees, they could improve it to 18 holes, and 18 tees. If I was to make any changes to the location of Homelands Golf Centre I would move it into a bigger place with a lot more land, so it could be converted to a full size 18 hole golf course. ...read more.


This is also a good location because there aren't main golf shops selling Nike equipment in the area. It's by a busy road so this brings a lot of advertisement, because lots of people are driving past in their cars. A disadvantage Nike golf's retailer in Maidstone is that they are on a busy road and have a small car park which is hard to park large cars. To improve this they could move to a better location in Maidstone which has a large car park for their customers and is not on a really busy road. The location of the business helps the company to achieve the aims and objectives because its located in a busy town, this will bring them loads of customers and make a lot of sales. This will help them reach their aims and objectives to make a profit. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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