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Business- MOJO DJ

Extracts from this document...


Your Name 67 London road Oxfordshire Middlex HA4 57u To, Morice & Joanna Copland School Cecil Avenue Wembley HA9 7DX 8th December 2008 Dear Morice & Joanna, upon your request I researched using a questionnaire that I made before and I asked a small group of people on their music and entertainment likes. According to my research I asked the questionnaire to 6 males and 4 females. They all had different ideas and likes. The group I targeted was 20 and over and by looking at my results most people were between 26-30. Using the result of my questionnaire I have made some graphs and charts. By looking at the graphs ever person said they attend events. Most people said that they attend anniversaries and weddings and others said they pass their time in discos, parties and night clubs. I recommend you to have more equipment which is suitable for weddings. Most of the people said they prefer Hip Hop, RnB and soul and only 2 people said they like classical music. According to my results most people don't go out of Brent to attend events. Only 2 people said the last event they attend was located outside Brent. The most popular venue of social event is Wembley and only 1 person said the last event the person attended was located in Kingsbury. I recommend you not to host an event out of Brent and i also recommend you to use music related to RnB and soul. I also asked people about their opinions on the DJ and 50% said excellent, 40% said okay and good but 1 person said bad I asked the person the reason he said bad was that he didn't have enough skills and mixing music wasn't good enough. ...read more.


Price: �55.00 Summary: The CB-12 Color Ball has 91 internal LED's. Due to the high number of LED's used, the light is distributed evenly and creates a stunning effect. It can be easily mounted with the hook located on the top of the unit. The CB-12 can also be used outdoor (IP-65) Product: Alesis M1 Active Speaker (pair) Price: �205.00 Summary: A very stylish designed speakers, it comes with pairs and are affordable. The second website I visited was www.djstore.com. Product: Warrior DA300 Amplifier (150 + 150 Watts) Price: 79.00 Product: Acme LED Penguin Flat Scan Price: �59.00 Product: Behringer CX3400 Super X Pro Crossover Price: �99.00 Product: DJ Store 800 Watt Snow Machine Price: �79.00 Product: Acme HP4D Vertical DMX Smoke Machine Price: �99.00 After looking at some products and their prices I thought packages will be much cheaper, so I researched on packages by visiting www.djkit.co.uk. Package 1 Cost: �320.00 Djkit 12" 400 Watt Sound System A complete PA package comprising of 2 x 250W 12" Speakers 1 x W-Audio DA500 Amplifier 2 x Jack to Speakon speaker cables 1 x Jack to RCA signal cables LIGHTING 1x 600W Valera Lighting Effect 1x Somke Machine Package 2 Cost: �833.00 NJD Celestion 12" 600 Watt Sound System A complete PA package comprising of 2 x 300W 12" Speakers 1 x C-Mark G098B 1050W Amplifier 2 x Speakon to Speakon speaker cables 1 x Jack to RCA signal cables LIGHTNING 1x 400W UV Cannon 1x iSolution HID-150 iMove 5W Package 3 Cost: �1300.00 Tapco 15" 600 Watt Sound System A complete PA package comprising of 2 x 300W 15" Speakers 1 x C-Mark G098B 1050W ...read more.


PDA also have daily planner which helps the owner to plan their day. Useful information, reports also can be stores in PDAs which allows the user to access them anywhere using PDA. One of main reason people use PDA because it has address database, which allows the user to save its personal or business address and all information which the user can use it anytime anywhere. The impact of PDAs on the MOJO DJ business and society PDAs are also very useful for MOJO DJ business. It helps the MOJO DJ worker to communicate with each other. They will also be able to send music to each other using multimedia. It helps MOJO DJ workers alert of any meeting which is going to be due soon. By using PDA it will allow them to work at home or whilst travelling to work. All the tools which PDA has built in are very useful for MOJO business e-g, Contact- helps save contact details etc. Calendar- easy to store dates Daily planner- helps plan event dates and name of places where event will be hosting. PDAs are very useful for MOJO DJ business because it will save a lot of time. E-g while travelling it is easy to use a portable which you can also carry in your pockets. Conclusion PDAs have different stuff built in which is very useful for a business man or people generally to have. It allows people to stay in touch from anywhere and also allows the user to browse internet. After studying all the useful things about PDAs I recommend that MOJO DJ business should purchase PDA because it will help you in daily life and also will make your life easy. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 | Page ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE People in Business section.

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