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Business Objectives at Innocent Smoothies and Oxfam.

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Task 4(M1) Write a summary comparing the aims and objectives of two different organisations from each sector: Private and non-private/voluntary. Compare the aims and objectives of different businesses. (M1) Aims and objectives for Innocent Drinks (Private Sector) Aims for Innocent Drinks: 1-The drinks may not contain any additives. 2-Make a profit 3-Become the market leader Objectives for Innocent Drinks 1-Make drinks that do not contain any of additives 2-By including the natural foods and fruits, they get more customers consuming their drinks so they get more profit. 3-Provide more job places, and set up more shops that people would visit. Aims and objectives for Oxfam (Non-profitable sector) (Charity) Aims for Oxfam: -To Aid third world countries in any way they can -To relieve poverty, distress and suffering -To educate people about the ...read more.


Both of these aims are very similar. Both are doing this for their clients such as innocent drinks for their customers and Oxfam for the poor people. Innocent use this aim to get their drinks better and Oxfam use this aim to aid some parts of the world. The second for the innocent drinks is to become market leader. And the second aim for the Oxfam is to relieve poverty, distress and suffering. Both pf these aims are different because innocent drinks want to become market leader and Oxfam wants to relieve any poverty. Although if innocent drinks become the market leader, then they will be known as the leader of the market of drinks. ...read more.


Both of these objectives are similar because Oxfam wants to support children and innocent want to help people in finding jobs in their company. Both of these objectives are very similar. Another objective for innocent drinks is by including natural foods and fruits so they get more customers which then they get more profit. Another Objective for Oxfam is to sell donated products which will directly go to their charity. Both of these are similar because both want to sell so they get something for the company. The last objective for innocent is that the drinks may not contain any additives. And Oxfam?s is to encourage increasing the quality of life for others. Both of these organisations are similar because the drinks company doesn?t want their drinks to contain additives which are similar to Oxfam?s objective. Innocent wants to encourage people to increase people increase the quality of life for others. ...read more.

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