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Business- Open retail store

Extracts from this document...


Marketing a new retail business Name: Jayna Kerai Candidate Number: 8709 School Name: Queens Park Community School Centre Number: 12304 Contents TASK ONE ACTION PLAN TASK TWO Part A: Introduction Part B: Business Objectives Part C: The Importance of Marketing Part D: Identifying the Target Market TASK THREE Market Research Questionnaire TASK FOUR Part A: Carrying out my Questionnaire Part B: Getting my questionnaires filled in Part C: Other ways of getting my questionnaire filled out Part D: Different types of Market Research TASK FIVE Part A: Analysing my research Part B : Creating my charts/graphs Part C: Analysing my graphs Part D: What I expected from my research Part E: Evaluating the effectiveness of my research Part F: Discussion of how the research will affect business decisions about marketing Part G: What impact will this have on my business? TASK SIX Part A: Competition in my area Part B: Main Competition Part C: Factors that influence my competition Part D: Factors that influence my business Part E: How my competitor will influence my business TASK SEVEN Part A: Types of Promotion and Advertising Part B: Costs of Advertising Part C: Advertising my Business Part D: Laws that affect my business Part E: How advertising will affect the success of my business TASK EIGHT Part A: Conclusions: Final decisions on marketing my business Part B: Constraints to my Business Part C: Improvements to my marketing plan Part D: Improvements to my research Part E: Environmental, Financial and Social effects BIBLIOGRAPHY APPENDIX TASK ONE ACTION PLAN WHAT DO I NEED TO DO? (N.B. Write in the future tense e.g. I will need to write a definition of marketing) WHAT INFORMATION DO I NEED? What do you need to find out in order to complete the task? WHERE WILL I GET IT FROM? Name the textbook you use. Name the people who helped you. Name the organisations have you used. ...read more.


group of potential clients." This is usually done by the researching or marketing department in big firms. The main advantage is that the business has control of the entire process. The main disadvantages are that it can be time - consuming and costs a lot more money than desk or secondary research. Examples of primary research are face-to-face interviews, telephone, mail, internet and questionnaires. These are all types of surveys. Most of the time surveys are conducted by targeting potential customers and asking them questions or giving them samples of the product to test. Then they give their opinionated answers, which are recorded and then analysed. Desk research or secondary research. "Desk Research is the analysis of information that already exists, in one form or another. Useful sources of information can be found in a variety of places" This is generally done using external or internal sources, seated and behind a desk. The main advantages of this are that it is cheap and can be done quickly. The main disadvantages are that the information that you are looking for may not exist or may be secured by companies, so it cannot be used. There are 2 sources of secondary research and they are external, which is data from outside of the business and internal, which refers to information about the company itself. Types of external source are: census data, which is statistics about the population such as family size, income, gender, age and distribution. Published material, which are reports from business groups, government, trade organizations, companies and media research. Types of internal sources are: sales, stock, financial records of my company and firm. TASK FIVE Part A: Analysing my research After I have handed out my questionnaires and got them filled out, I have to analyse them to find out what they show. I can present this data in many different ways, some of the ways I could illustrate this information are: Tally charts because it can be easily and quickly done, it is easy to read and understand and ICT and mathematically skills are not required. ...read more.


Customers are also likely to throw the packaging onto the ground, littering the streets. The gas which I use to make the products in the shop is also polluting the earth and transport used to get my supplies to the shop. The electricity and heating which I will use in the shop also affects the environment, by using extra electricity adding to global warming. To reduce the affects which I have on the environment by packaging my products in paper bags rather than non-biodegradable plastic bags. To reduce the amount of litter pollution I will put signs on the packaging to tell them to recycle the paper bags. I will use energy efficient light bulbs and use the least amount of gas and petrol possible. My business will affect the community financially by decreasing profits for my competitors, because I should take there customers and potential sales and they will also have to lower their prices to compete with my business, which means they would make less profit. I will also be increasing the profits of other business such as souvenir and clothes shops nearby, customers should come to Scrumptious for lunch and then whilst they are in the area possible buy other products such a clothes and souvenirs if they are tourists. Also to increase their profits they could increase the prices for their products as this will also result in more profit. My business will affect the community socially by contributing to the increase of obesity. The main reason for the increase in obesity in England is because of the types and amount of junk food which people are eating. As cookies and baked good contain a lot of sugar and fat it is contributing to unhealthy eating which leads to obesity. To reduce this unsocial activity I will sell low fat products and also sell healthy products such as sandwiches. I will be helping the economy by bringing in profit to the government as they take tax off the profits and will also be providing jobs for the public, which is reducing the amount of unemployment. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Marketing and Markets section.

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