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Business organisation at BettaValue supermarket

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Business case study Task 5 Describe how working practices at BettaValue have developed by completing the tasks below. a Describe the current organisational structure and the range of job roles. How do they differ from the original structure and job roles? BettaValue Stores is a supermarket near where you live. It was started 10 years ago by a Mr Matthew Richards, who set up the business in a corner shop with one part-time assistant working on the till in the afternoons. ...read more.


He had a part time assistant who worked on the till only in the after- noon's. On the other hand, Mathew Richards had to count the money pay the bills and see how much profit he was making. Over the years, the shop became so successful that he had to take on more staff and move to much larger premises in the centre of town. As it grew, an organisational structure evolved. The current organisational structure is shown below: Question What does the structure now look like and also how do the job roles differ? ...read more.


The human resource managers trains all employees and hires and fires people for the business Complete the Comparison Table 10 Years Ago Now Is it a flat or Hierarchical Structure Flat structure It's a hierarchical structure The number of layers 2 layers It has 3 layers Is there a chain of command yes yes How does communication flow It flows faster It flow slower Is decision making quick or slow Very fast Slow by steps How many people work in the business 2 people worked 18 people works How big are the spans of control Small Large ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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