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business ownership and activity

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Level 1 1A Describe the main activities, the main features of the ownership and the main aims and activities of each business. For my portfolio I have been investigating for a small business in my local area, the small business I have investigated about is called DECORIUM. I have visited the shop in person and asked the owner about their business which helps me to find out more information about the business. The main activity of decorium Decorium is a small business which operates in the tertiary sector. Tertiary sector means the sector where they sales goods. They sales good in three main areas these are cards, gifts and Turkish ornaments that suits for all occasions. They have some exceptional gifts such as hand made vases to silver plated frames and effective wrapping paper service. Their product includes soft toys, Me to you range, Glassware, Ornaments, Candles, Plates, Vases, Money boxes, Trinket boxes, Candle lights, Clocks and teddies. Decorium sells birthday cards, friendships and greeting cards, they also sales seasonal gifts such as charismas, mother day and Valentines Day. The accessories they sells its include Necklaces, rings, sets, sterling silver, bangles, fashion bags, evening bags, scarves, hats etc. ...read more.


In Decorium Mrs. Mine Gursoy is responsible for the whole functions of the business as she is the owner of the small business. Human resource: If Decorium need new staff the owner of the business looking for an employee within her relatives and the people she knows. If she can't find this way she advertises for new staff in the shop window. Usually Mrs. Gursoy recruits female staff with good communication skills so that the staff can communicate well with the customers. Finance: the owner of Decorium Mrs. Gursoy is responsible for organize the account but her son also helps her to check the account. She is also deal with the wages as she got only 2 employees. Dcorium doesn't use IT to help produce their account. Customer service: Decorium provide a delivery service when some on purchase products from their website. Staffs in Decorium are always welcome people whoever visits the store and they are friendly to all kind of customers. They provide service of telling the customers a bit more about the product that they buy. Decorium provide receipt when someone buy an expensive products so if there anything wrong with the product they will refund. ...read more.


In the owner of the business DECORIUM use memo to send a quick and short massages to the employees to call a meeting or a reminder. Memo is a good method of written internal communication in DECORIUM because it can keep the actual record. DECORIUM usually do not use memo for external communication. Receipts: receipts are another written external communication. For example- when customers buy a product from DECORIUM they give a receipt to the customers; this is assurance so if the product is damaged they will give a usual refund to the customers. Notice board: the notice board in DECORIUM let the customers know about any offers in the store. Customers might see the notice board when then they enter in the shop. In the notice board they write down any products coming up soon and about the offers, this is a written external communication. Payslips: when the owner of DECORIUM pay wages to the employees, she also provide a pay slips which an internal communication. Use of ICT in communication of DECORIUM: DECORIUM uses ICT for few things such as they have a website for online shop, receipts and payslips. They use till to print out the receipts which are connected to the store computer and the owner makes the payslips for her employees in the computer. Shabina yeasmin ...read more.

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