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Business Plan

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WHAT MY BUSINESS WILL DO? My business will offer all vehicle drivers and owners a hand car wash service in Langley, Berkshire. As well as hand car washed my business will also specialise in all other car cleaning services, such as: valeting, alloy washing and vacuum. My business will charge customers for cleaning their car to a high standard. The standard of work will be high however the prices of my business will be very competitive. This is mainly due to the fact that in nearby towns to my chosen location there is a lot of competition. LOCATION The location that I have chosen for my business is on the side of the Langley Synergy Gym car par. I have chosen this location because the Synergy Gym car park has approximately 500 parked in their car park through the day in total. This means that the passing trade business can be very high and this will increase my chances of making my business successful. ...read more.


WHY I THINK PEOPLE WILL BUY MY SERVICE? I think people will buy my service rather than going to any of my competitors due to my unique selling point (USP). My USP is going to be pre-booking for hand car washes and cleans. No other hand car wash in the entire Berkshire offers this service to any of their customers. This has resulted in many customers getting fed up of waiting for their turn to come and either going back home or getting their car auto-washed from nearby petrol stations. Also another thing is that where I am locating my hand car wash there is no other hand car wash in Langley. This will help me to gain a majority of the potential customers in Langley. SERVICES I WILL OFFER The services that I will be offering my customers are going to be: Hand car wash Valeting Service Pre-Booking Vacuuming Engine Steam Clean Seat Wash Interior Polish Body Polish Alloy Clean All the services that I am going to offer are going to be normal services those other car washes around Berkshire. ...read more.


This will reduce the businesses costs as well as my personal costs. This will also mean it will be quicker for me to break-even and make a profit. Also if I make my business a LTD company then my business will have limited liability which will mean me and the other person investing in my business will only lose the initial investment we put into the business. ADVANTAGES OF A LTD COMPANY * The business has limited liability * Increases financial assistance * Easier and cheaper to set up than a PLC * The business can sell their shares * Less vulnerable to take over as it requires the agreement of the shareholders before shares can be sold. DISADVANTAGES OF A LTD COMPANY * No one will have complete control of the business * The person that established the business may not be the chairman * You can only sell shares to family and friends * You have to pay shareholders dividends * There is a financial and administration cost associated with setting up and running the business unlike a sole trader. * Harder to raise finance. ...read more.

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