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Business Plan

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My Business Plan Business Description My business will be called Car Comfort and will be a private limited company hopefully it will become a bigger company as time progresses. It will have a head quarter, Which i will rent at first and if very successful i will purchase it if required, located near the motorway where i can distribute my products to other shops in wholesale. The product I'm offering are car cushions which can be either used to sit on, as a headrest or lower back support when sitting in cars for long periods of time. I am also planning on selling accessories which can be added onto the cushions for more profit. My unique selling point will be that there are many different colours and materials and also there will be a model with built in heaters for cold days. Short term goal is to establish a stable business and respected reputation and long term goal is to start selling more and more and to develop new models. ...read more.


Product I'm offering an extra soft but also supportive cushion for car users with lots of different materials and colours and a few models will also have internal heating systems which will keep you warm on cold days. Quality and price are both reasonable and small extra profits when accessories are bought together with the cushion. Other shops which want my product in their shops can order them over the internet in wholesale or can come to the head quarter to discuss. My product is high quality so it will cost a fair amount but very reasonable. Market Strategy I'm going to market my product on the radio and in newspapers and if it goes well make a few adverts for TV although it is very very expensive. This is my Logo and potential Slogan: Safety and Comfort is all that matters. On start up i will offer a 10% discount on all accessories for the first few months to attract customers. ...read more.


Such as where the phones are answered and where the lorry's and van's are loaded from and the part where the managers run it all from. Not much equipment is needed since all my products are shipped in from different parts of the world and then directly distributed to customers. I will be needing a number of lorry's and van's which transport my goods to the customers. Financial Data I am predicting that i will have around 10 - 20 large orders per day which would generate a good profit margin compared to the cost of delivery and price of materials. Each order would be a minimum of �500-�2000. My running costs would be around 300thousand per year and earnings from all sales would be around 250-500thousand per year which would mean a big profit margin. I would say that i would earn at least 100thousand pounds profit but more as the business grows. ...read more.

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