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Business Plan - Honkers Car rental

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Business Plan Business Name: My business is called 'Honkers'. Business Address: Our business is registered to: Saddleworth School High Street Uppermill Oldham OL3 6BU Great Britain Name of Owner: * Our business is currently registered as a partnership business, which means that the only employees are currently Bryn Roberts and Nick Burgess. There is a minimal legal difference between the workers and the company. Legal Status: * We aim to become a partnership with a larger business, which will help us grow and expand, making us larger, and more visible to the public. * Under consideration is the idea that Honkers will become a Limited company. This will mean we can issue shares. This will hopefully result in an increase in profitability. Mission Statement: Our mission statement is: 'to become the best car rental service in Britain' Aims: Our company wants to: * Increase profitability * Improve the range of available cars * Ensure customer satisfaction * Become an international company * Partner with an airline We chose to include: Increasing profitability as this will help our business grow, making our services available to even more customers, we will begin to trade in April, hopefully increasing profitability. ...read more.


These will be produced at our local school, who has offered us a deal with paper supplies. We will give a series of assemblies to the children here, who will hopefully refer us to their parents. We will follow the four P's of marketing, which will hopefully help us reach the correct market. How will finance be obtained to start your business?: I will get a sustainable amount of money from a loan from the bank, and I will get any more required money from friends, family and shareholders. I will only get money from a bank that is financially, as I do not want to get into financial danger with the business. I will begin to pay it back at the end of the 2011 year as the business will probably be stable and financially secure by then. Barclays: Barclays is my first choice for a loan as they are secure and will hopefully not go into liquidation during my operations with them. If they are not willing to give a loan, I will go to their competition. ...read more.


�1,120. The total cost per annum for staffing wages is (1120 x 52) �58,240. Building Rental The building costs �2,000 for 2 blocks per annum to rent. The total fixed costs of the fiscal year are (6,250 + 58,240 + 2000) �66,490. The total costs for the 2010-11 Fiscal Year is (50,400 + 6,640) �57,040. Sales Cars We aim to rent out at 8 cars each month, with the price of a car per day being on average �250, and the average length of rental predicted to be 7 days. Therefore, the average money gained per customer will be (250 x 7) �1750 and the average predicted money gained for the first month will (1750 x 8) �14,000. The average predicted revenue gained for the first year will be (14000 x 12) �168,000. Our projected total profits for the Fiscal Year 2010-11 are predicted to be (168,000 - 56,890) �11,110 Number Sold Fixed Costs (in �) Variable Costs (in �) Total Costs (in �) Sales Revenue (in �) 2 66,490 12,600 79,090 42,000 4 66,490 25,200 91,690 84,000 6 66,490 37,800 104,290 126,000 8 66,490 50,400 116,890 168,000 10 66,490 63,000 129,490 210,000 ?? ?? ?? ?? By Bryn Roberts 10L ...read more.

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