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Business Plan. How to build a Juice bar and make Profit

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Arun Bir Juice Bar Firstly why buy a juice a bar and is there will there be a market? Many people, both young and adult, are now becoming conscious about the nutrition that goes into their food. Their reasons could vary from general fitness to wanting to look slimmer and great to avoiding diseases, improving overall vitality and wanting to live longer. With this shift from foods which are considered unhealthy and now demanding to healthier ones, a juice business is very much timely. 83% of Brits felt that it was 'important to improve health through diet'. So from all this research that I have completed and summarised above I think that a juice bar could potentially be a very profitable business. ...read more.


Then I also considered the weather here and normally consumers would like to buy juice on a warm environment. However England's climate does not match these specifications. Also there were too many shops and cafes in these areas that would provide to much completion for our juice bar. So creating a juice bar in England would not be practical in any of these senses. Then I decided to create a Juice Bar in a country that matched all the specifications above that England did not and could provide a good business investment. So I started to research again and my findings suggested opening my Juice Bar in a Caribbean island called the `Dominican Republic`. Why open it here? I have decided to open m juice bar in the Dominican Republic as it matches all the criteria set above that the United Kingdom does not. ...read more.


To make a profit you should get as much revenue as possible and keep costs down to a minimum. This is why the Dominican Republic is ideal for opening this juice bar. To rent a juice bar in London is �4000 a month which equals �48,000 a year. To open a juice bar in Dominican Republic is $129,000 or �81,000. This is leasehold however and you get to keep the property for 10 years. This will equal �8100 a year for the 10 year period which is significantly lower (�39,900 less) then opening it in England. This potentially means that could get more potential customers here, will be a more suitable environment, will be able to operate and run the business for cheaper and accommodation is not a problem as there is a flat on top of the house which the owner can be situated. Other foods ...read more.

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