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Business Plan. This Coursework will enable me to know how to set up and establish a new school tuck shop and aims needed to get it started.

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´╗┐Introduction This Coursework will enable me to know how to set up and establish a new school tuck shop and aims needed to get it started. Additionally, business plan will be essential in order to do this. A business plan is required not only to help a business to obtain funds but also demonstrate the viability of the business. This business plan will not just be able to get it started but become successful and profitable to the school. My objectives for this coursework are as follows: 1. Chapter 1 Methodologies 2. Chapter 2 Data and Graph analysis 3. Chapter 3 Market Research 4. Chapter 4 Market Strategies 5. Chapter 5 key Staff Methodologies Methods Collecting data for this coursework was not easy. First of all, my mother and I had designed a questionnaire, and then completed market research. Afterwards, I was responsible for analyzing the data receive. Different students have different needs and wants. Then I decided to use personal interviews to collect the information I needed. Difficulties Whiles completing this coursework I encountered several difficulties. First of all I found it challenging to construct my questionnaire correctly. Another challenge was being able to find students who were actually interested in filling out the questionnaire. Some students kept forgetting their papers home before they returned it.Some papers were in terrible condition that either they were mashed up or filthy. ...read more.


This is why I?ve set up a plan to know exactly what students are looking for from the tuck shop. Market Strategies Market strategies assist a business in achieving their marketing plans and targets. Marketing strategies that I will use to make this tuck shop successful will be the four (4) P?s which includes: 1. Price 2. Product 3. Promotion 4. Place The 4P?s tells a business that they must sell the right product at a price consumers are willing to pay, in the right place and inform consumers that it will be available through promotion. Products MENU Juices Price Hawaiian $1.00 Tampico $1.00 Snacks Honey bun $1.00 Chips $0.50 Chocolate $1.00 Candies $0.50 - $1.00 Others Sandwich $1.00 ? 1.50 Hot dogs $1.50 Fruit $1.00 Vegetarian Pattie $1.00 Soda $0.75 - $1.50 Ice-cream $1.00 The reason for making this menu is to indicate the products which the tuck shop will sell. The range of the products might not be enough, however when the business is up and running, the tuck shop can organize another market research to see what else students might wish to add to this list. It is important to know which products satisfy the most customers, if not the goods you?re providing may not sell and this can lead to a failure in the business. Therefore a census should be given out every two to three months to obtain* students to keep visiting and spending their money. ...read more.


Students would need to be served in an effective and efficient manner. This were the business could increase their sales, make profits and be successful. Conclusion This coursework is based on the knowledge that I have learnt from the Business Studies lessons also combined with research and investigations. I feel that opening the tuck shop is a very good idea. I believe that students of C.R. Walker High School will be supportive of the tuck shop and will purchase goods from the tuck shop; I know this because of the findings of my research. Arguments that was put against the tuck shop: People said: 1. Because the premises are very limited, there?s not enough space. 2. It would be a waste of labor and Space 3. They just need to enhance their products and drop prices Arguments that was put for the tuck shop: 1. The current tuck shop is to crowded 2. They need to sell a variety of more goods 3. The lines are too long and it turns away customers 4. For better and faster service I agree with the arguments for the tuck shop. I?ve also learnt how to choose the suitable media methods to make the advertisements. This coursework does not just help me to go through points I have learnt, but also help me to prepare for examinations. Doing this coursework I to have learnt how to set up my own business, what information I have to master and analyze and the methods that is needed to achieve success for this business. ...read more.

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