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Business Report

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SID number: 0677391 TASK 7 - Report Writing TESCO A report on the present status and future development of Human Resources Management in Tesco. Submitted to: Anglia Ruskin University Submitted by: 0677391 Word Count: 1000 CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION Page (a) Terms of reference 1 (b) Summary 1 (c) Additional Information Appendix 2. FINDINGS (a) Human Resources Management Strategy in Tesco 2 and general information. (b) Nature of HRM in Tesco. 3 (c) Future development and new ideas. 4 3. CONCLUSION 4 4. BIBLIOGRAPHY 5 5. APPENDICES 5 A report on the present status and future development of Human Resources Management in Tesco. 1. Introduction (a) Terms and reference This report has been written for assessment by 0677391 (SID) as a part of a programme of HNC Business Management. (b) Summary The report considers the nature, success and new ideas of Human Resources Management in Tesco by: - Describing a strategy and collecting general information (present status of the company). Presenting information regarding employees on the chart. International workers and their role in Tesco. ...read more.


They realize the importance of individual growth in order to strengthen the whole. They invest in the development of the individual through training, education and reward. They seek a balance between preservation of our resources and realization of profit. TESCO's strive to combine accuracy and reliability with accountability. - Tesco is a knowledge - based organization. - Tesco tends to recruit workers willing to progress and work as a team with excellent customer service. - Teamwork is a very important aspect of Tesco Human resource Management. Management tends to recruit people with different characters and background because this kind of people can create a good team. - Tesco offers a great variety of courses for employees. Human Resource Department believes that training process and coaching are beneficial for both parties - a worker and the company. Competitiveness in training and within Human Resources at Tesco Training and development are of greater importance than before. Employees using brain power and knowledge are very valuable to Tesco and add value to products. ...read more.


points out that there are potential problems with Tesco's idea. Some people can come to work with genuine sickness and make a lot of mistakes (just to get paid) and on the other hand, some taking the day off for hangover, for instance, may spin their absence out beyond 3 days. (c) Future development and new ideas. It was forbidden by Tesco to give me particular information about the future plans. This is because; other competitors may be able to use such details to withstand a greater chance of attracting more customers in the same market. - One of the new and recent Tesco's ideas is web-based Recruitment running by HRM Department. Moreover, HRM wants to use web-based recruitment to help with monitoring all staff needs in near future. - Tesco is currently looking into changing details of the contract for new employees to reduce absenteeism as much as it can be reduced. Some Tesco stores have got a plan to reward their workers with food vouchers if they have not got any absence days for 12 weeks. 3. Conclusion - Tesco Human Resources Management has got a customer based strategy. - Tesco manage people and property in a professional way. 4. ...read more.

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