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Business Report

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Business Report Write a report to Mustafa advising him on a possible solution to the problem of the best form of a business organisation if he were to expand his business Your report should include: - A brief summary of the problem - The advantages and disadvantages of different forms of business organisation, assuming Mustafa decides to expand - A conclusion comparing the alternative ways of solving the problem - Your recommendation of the best solution to the problem, based upon your conclusion - Reference to relevant business studies theory as and where appropriate TO: Mustafa Ali FROM: Diego Rodr�guez DATE: 29th August 2002 REPORT ON: Forms of business organisation You've asked me to report on the forms of business organisation most suitable for the needs of your business expansion. You've been a Sole Trader for 10 years, manufacturing a washing liquid for sell it to wholesalers. ...read more.


2.- PARTNERSHIP: This way of business organisation means that you share everything: profits, problems and risks. > ADVANTAGES: * You're able to share the risks and the problems. * It's a simply form of organisation. * You'd be able to use the partner's money to pay for the expansion. > DISADVANTAGES: * Remember you'd still have unlimited liability. * You share the profits with the partners. * It'd be easier to raise money as a Ltd. Company than as a Partnership or Sole Trader. * Your could have arguments with your partners and this could affect the business. 3.- PRIVATE LIMITED COMPANY: > ADVANTAGES: * You'd have limited liability, a very important point because then, you won't lose your personal possessions. * It's easier to raise extra money from the banks by being a Ltd. * Mr. Godfrey Richards would be able to buy shares in the Private Limited Company, this way the business could use his money to expand and still have limited liability. ...read more.


Your futures partners would be able to buy shares and to contribute with the expansion, inverting their own money. The cost of being a Ltd. Company isn't too much, only $500. You will have most of the control of the business but you'd have to consult your partners making before any change. RECOMMENDATION: I recommend that you should patent the formula of your new product because if you don't, another firm might copy it, patent it themselves and they'll make a new product with it. This would put your investment at risk because then, you'd be obligated to remove that new product and all the money you have spent on it to it would be would be in vain, useless. The expand of the business as well and then, the business would have to close. I recommend that you should make your company a Public Limited Company if this product sells well because then, you'd have the advantage that everyone would be able to buy you shares so it's very difficult to the business to fall if the following product doesn't sell well. ...read more.

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