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Business Section B

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Section B Promotional Techniques at Drayton Manor Park Direct marketing The ways in which they send out or by giving materials direct to the individual customers are as such. They use their customer's databases. By sending things to their customers by post but by doing this it takes longer to send and receive details such as their different kinds of ways with going to Drayton Manor Park. Drayton manor also use telephones to contact and be contacted by their customers who go straight to someone not a voice operators, they also use e-mail to contact others. Drayton Manor also has in contact with your operators and is sometimes included into tourist's holidays, to Drayton Manor this is the most important because their hit rate is by great numbers. Their other kinds of visitors that have good hit rate towards Drayton Manor Park are schools and groups of people or occasions. Advantages: * You are sending to an existing customer base who you know are interested in your product. * You can target specific products at specific people depending on what they have already bought. Disadvantages: * You are not targeting new clients. * Old clients might not want all the post. ...read more.


* Photo booths. * Shops. * Food and drink outlets. Displays Displays that include Drayton Manor would be posters, bulletins could be sent through the post to their regular customers. For example could be a teacher who takes his/her class to Drayton Manor each year this could also lead to hit rate. Advantages: * They can be very a eye-catching and can make people come to place. * They can be out up in many different places. Disadvantages: * They can be vandalised. * They need to be replaced to advertise different events fairly regularly. Sponsorship Sponsorship involves and organisation by giving financial support or other types of support in exchange for it's none being associated with either a product or an event such as gigs such as reading ect. For example if Silverstone were having races places would sponsor a certain car by doing so their name brand would get noticed and the company who have sponsored the car would give part of their shares towards the car such as a certain name Ferrari. Advantages: * Brings in money to the company. * The sponsor can bring creditability. Disadvantage: * Means that you are sharing your promotion with another company. ...read more.


You can target the message to audiences. (Decide what TV/Radio programme you want your advert to go into. Disadvantage: * It is very expensive to keep sending out advertisement. Demonstrations A demonstration is where it is arranged to visit a destination and show people how good a ride is and then they go and tell other people, like their friends. This is more like a taster of the rides s when Drayton Manor first open they make the tickets cheap so people come and their customers come more frequent and recommend other people by this time the prices go to normal and Drayton Manor receive more customers and then it goes round again and more people hear about it. Demonstrations would be also used towards school for their projects such as subjects which they are studying in and use Drayton Manor as a project. Drayton manor could also use their advertising within catering such as if Whittlebury Hall have been asked by Drayton Manor to use their park as an advertisement which could be used for catering within conferences facilities. Advertising could also be used within education and team building opportunities. Advantage: * Is cheap for their demonstrators. * More people come more frequently. Disadvantage: * Drayton Manor is not in control of what their customers go and tell their friends, it could be negative. ?? ?? ?? ?? Genevieve Kovacs 1 Genevieve Kovacs ...read more.

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