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Business Shop

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Business Studies Coursework - The new shop For my coursework I have been asked to research how to make a new shop. Before I start my project, I will make an action-plan to show what I will be doing. Week Activity 1 I need to complete my action plan To do this I need to read the assignment and work out which order to do the tasks in. I will also need to identify sources of information such as textbooks and websites where I can gather information. I will explain at the end why I have chosen to put the tasks in this particular order... 2 I need to find the definitions of the following words by looking them up in my textbook: - Marketing - Market Research - Market Segments - Target Market I also need to state where i got my definitions from (reference). 3 I need to do my questionnaire on Microsoft Word, then ask 20 people, to find out which is the best place to locate my shop, who is my competition, what type of goods to sell, my target market, whether my shop needs to be licensed etc. ...read more.


milk or meat? Meat Milk * Do you know of any other kosher shops in your area? Yes No * If not, would you want one? Yes No * Do you have children? Yes No Task 3 - Primary research - Competition Name of Shop: Deliphone Type: A Kosher Bakery Aim of shop: To make a profit and provide a service Location: The store is about half a mile from Barkingside High Street, leading on from Longwood roundabout. If you were entering from the other end of Longwood Gardens, it would join to Woodford avenue, (an A road).Its next to the local pub, in the local parade of shops. Also its only approximately 100m from the local park. Why is the location important? : It is in a prime position, in Longwood Gardens, which is in the centre of Gants Hill where there are lots of housing estates. Residents have easy access to the shop as it is in walking distance. Also as it is in a parade of shops if travelling by car there are plenty of parking spaces available. It is also in access of buses as there are plenty of stops down this road. ...read more.


Pros: * Being licensed means I will able to attract more religious people as they are more likely to buy food from a licensed kosher shop as opposed to a shop that is not licensed. * Being licensed will mean my business is seen as a good Kosher shop within the Jewish community. * Able to build a good reputation for the shop. Cons: * My license could be taken away as if I am not seen as a practicing Jewish person. Such as if I am seen to be eating non-kosher, not in Shul on religious festivals, etc. * It can be expensive to be licensed, as you have to pay for the license, and you have to pay the bet-din for endorsements. I will receive regular health checks to check my food is completely clean or license will be taken away. I have decided that I will be licensing my shop as i feel that the pros certainly outweigh the cons and that the license will aid my shops success. Although it costs quite a lot of money, it will be worth it in the long term for my shop because people will note that my shop has been licensed so must be up to all the rules and regulations which will attract more customers to my shop. By Kane Hopps ...read more.

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