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Business Studies Aims, objectives, and activities

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Aims, objectives, and activities Any successful business will have carefully planned and set goals and targets to work towards. A business sets these targets to ensure that they are working in a positive and efficient manner and to, in so far as possible, ensure success. Aims: An aim of a business is the overall goal of the business. For example, most businesses aim to make a profit or to expand. Objectives: Objectives are specific targets that a business sets to meet its aims. Examples of objectives include; * To increase sales revenue * To open new stores within the market. Activities: The activities of Schuh are the day to day operations of the business. ...read more.


Activities of Schuh The activities of Schuh can usually include; * Selling shoes and accessories * Sponsoring local events. This can be when Schuh will fund or help organise local events in the local community. * Manufacturing their own brand of shoes and accessories. How can reviewing Schuh's objectives and activities help the business to meet its aims * By periodically reviewing their objectives, Schuh can see if they are meeting their targets and are therefore working towards attaining their aims. If they are not meeting their targets then these targets may need to be changed and the reasons for this failure investigated. * Reviewing their objectives and activities also means that shareholders can monitor and assess how the business is going. ...read more.


If they are not doing this then changes may need to be made. * They can determine if their activities are allowing them to reach their objectives. If these activities are not then they may need to change the people responsible for performing the activities. * On the other hand Schuh may have exceeded their expectations in which case they will be able to set new objectives over the forthcoming period. * Reviewing activities can also allow Schuh to compare their activities with their competitors. They may need to change their activities in response to something their competitors are doing to make the business more competitive and more attractive to customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ali Shah Unit 1 P1 Manchester Academy Aims, Objectives, and Activities P1 ...read more.

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