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business studies coursework

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Business studies coursework Introduction: I have given a lot of thought into the type of business I am going to open. After doing my research I have observed that a salad bar would be a successful restaurant in London. The initial research on this type of business has shown me that it has been successful in other cities at different times of the day. I spoke to the managers and in each store I spent time making my own observations. I took note of how busy they were, and what the layout of the stores were. I learnt that they used the best quality ingredients to prepare tasty food in open plan hygienic kitchens. I also learnt that as much as they made they sold and they could have possibly made more. The name of my business will be called, "Aemono" It will have a sit down restaurant and will provide a quick meal on the go. There will be a range of many different salads to choose from. My business will be aimed at both young and old, people who want a nutritious meal. I plan to start my business off with only one shop of a decent size. I will do the majority of the administrative work and manage the restaurant. I will have one chef, four counter assistants, one waiter and a cleaner. ...read more.


� Workers, directors and mangers are interested in the conditions they work in and how much they earn. Increases in pay and conditions in work can means the company increases its costs and this could lead to lowering the profits. � Customers want better quality products at low prices. � Environmental groups want companies to stop anything that may be a harm to the environment. These differences could cause conflict. The final outcome might be a mixture of different objectives, which is a profit sacrifice. This means that the business makes enough profit to keep the shareholders happy and does not aim to maximize profits. This may lead to the business giving the workers expensive company cars or pay higher wages which costs the company money but keeps the workers happy. A stakeholding is used to balance the objectives of different groups. The owners, workers, customers and others have a 'stake' in the business because anything that happens within the business affects them. They are known as stakeholders. Objectives of small companies: Unlike large companies the owners, mangers and workers are likely to be the same person. Most small groups aim to maximize profits or they may want to make some profit and pursue other objectives like sales growth. Many people own businesses because of there flexibility. They are happy with lower profits and are able to work at there own hours. ...read more.


I want to be able to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere in my restaurant therefore I will try reduce delays as much as possible. I have rejected the following aims for my business: � Survival: being a sole trader I am investing all the money into my business and at some point my business will break even which will mean I wont have any loses but I wont be receiving a profit which is what I plan to live off. I will also be unable to sacrifice large amounts of money even though it may keep me in business. � Selling into more areas of the country or the world: To become a multinational in the future is almost impossible, as I would have to employ staff to run my business. It will be impossible for one person to learn all the legal systems of other countries. Through the world the exchange rate fluctuations are drastic which may confuse profits earned in a large number of currencies. Mission statement Aemono is a great place to eat, combining an intriguing atmosphere with excellent, interesting food that is also very good for the people who eat there. We want fair profit for the owners, and a rewarding place to work for the employees. Logo: AEMONO I have chosen this logo as it is plain, simple and stylish, yet as soon as people see it know what the restaurant is. The name Aemono comes from a Japanese term for a salad, which ties in well with the business that I am making. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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