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Business Studies Employee Rights

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Employee Rights Each of the employees at Schuh are protected and entitled to Employee Rights. These rights include equal pay, health and safety, access to information, and to be able to be trained. Employee Rights are protected under employment law. There are different types of employment laws that can affect Schuh and can include the Sex Discrimination Act of 1975, the Race Relations Act of 1976, the Disability Discrimination Act of 1995, and the Employment Rights Act of 1996. I will now discuss each of these 4 different laws in further detail. Sex Discrimination Act of 1975 * The Sex Discrimination Act is an Act which protects employees or prospective employees from sexual discrimination based on their gender or sexuality. * The Sex Discrimination Act makes it illegal to favour a particular sex when recruiting, promoting, or dismissing an employee. For example Schuh may not favour a particular gender when advertising for a job, and offering employee's chances of training and developments in each of their skills. ...read more.


* Schuh can also modify or plan a special timetable for the employees, in order for the employees to have special times to worship. The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 * The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 states that it is illegal to discriminate against people who have a disability. * The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 makes sure that disabled people have the right to be employed for a job, and the right to equal treatment along with all other employees. The job of the employer is to provide disabled people with the accessibility to at work, and to remove any barriers in the way. There are things that employers will have to do in order for the employee to work. These things include: * Provide the employee with accessible and usable equipment in which the employee will find it easy to use with the disabilities, for example their own type of stick to reach higher placed shoes. ...read more.


* Another employee right is to be able to take time off for incidents happening, for example; an employee's close relative may have passed away, so it would be respectable to give the employee a few days off. * A major element in the Employment Rights Act of 1996 is the rules of dismissal of an employee. Schuh must give an employee a proper notice if they are to be dismissed. For example at Schuh, there is a disciplinary procedure that will allow for 3 formal warnings before an employee can be dismissed. * An exception of this rule can be is if an employee breaks some of the main and important terms and conditions of their contract which can call for an instant dismissal. * Also if an employee becomes redundant then they will pay employees redundancy money. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ali Shah Unit 1 P3 Manchester Academy Discrimination Acts Unit 1 P3 ...read more.

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