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Business Studies Group Coursework

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Kart-Trix The new business that I going to open is go karting track in old Catton as there is no other competition and it is what the town is lacking, this new business will attract more potential customers to the area which is rarely visited. Marketing Mix Promotion I will advertise the new business by handing out flyers and post leaflets in people post box, also as I will be getting market research I will advertise and tell people about the business. Price The price for each person will be as follows: * 10 minutes - �13.00 * 15 minutes - �17.00 * 20 minutes - �22.00 * 30 minutes - �30.00 * 40 minutes - �35.00 * 50 minutes - �39.00 * 60 minutes - �44.00 I have compared from different karting track to come up with my prices which are mainly cheaper than the other competitors. ...read more.


There are no competitors around the area and nothing else to do, which is fun for the younger generation to do. Product The products that I will be offering are driving the go-karts around the track, for a specific amount of time. Market research I will conduct market research around my town and ask questions such as 'is a go-karting track in old Catton...' to find out wherever it would be a good business to do and if it will be popular enough to make a profit and attract customers. What I want to find out * Opening hours - to find out the opening and closing hours which will be suitable for the customers need and wants and what the best time is for most people to visit. ...read more.


* What age range would come to the track - so I can base the design and the track on difficulty around the age range that will be attending. * Is it in a good position - to find out whether it is in a suitable position and accessible for the customers to access. Questionnaire 1. How often to you go go-karting in a year? 2. How old are you? 3. What is your gender? 3. How much do you earn in a year? 4. How long would drive for at one time? 5. What would you think about a go-karting track being built in Old Catton? 6. Do you think the town is lacking something fun to do for the youth? 7. Do you think a go-karting track would attract a lot of people to the area? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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