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business studies- managing your business

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`1`` I have chosen this location for my business as it is best suited to what I want catered for. The reason why this is best suited to me is that is on a main high street. This is beneficial as it has lots of other facilities to offer. Some of these include other clothes shops (this is good as it gives people a wider choice so they are more likely to go there if they have a choice), they have a few different supermarkets (this is good as potential buyers don't have to go out of their way to go to my shop) this is good as the they can do lots of things all in one time and they have lots of caf�'s, bars and restaurants(this is good as then it gives a more cosmopolitan feel to the grown up and higher class people that my business is aiming for.) So in conclusion the best asset for its location is the key positioning. Why I want to be a sole trader * The reason why I have chosen to be a sole trader is that it is best suited to what I want to do with my business. The reason why it is best suited to what I want to do is that I will want to change my business regally to keep it up tempo and keep it up to date so then people wont get bored. The reason why this is good to be a sole trader is as I may not always want what the other partner wants so then my business will not end up going in the direction that I want it to go in . * The next reason why I want to be a sole trader is that, I have saved a good amount of money and I fund it by myself this is good as then I can have all the profits. ...read more.


Knowledge Of fashion Experience People skills fashion Knowledge Once having made a personnel specification you will be able to use it to make sure a job advertisement specifies the person you want, enable you to check the candidate for the job has the right qualities and check from time to time if the person in the job is doing what is required of them. Job Description Before advertising a job you need to think about what you want from the staff you are going to employ. Once they have analysed what they are looking for they can make a Job Description. A job description is a particular statement setting out how an employee will fit in the business and what he/she will be doing. For example the job description for my business would be: Shop assistant The main purposes of the job will be to help the customer with their needs, to take money and cash in, bring and opinion into my business and to give general help within the shop. The sorts of decisions you will have to make are where to put the clothes in the shop to make it look its best, having to help the customers with their questions and what hours you would be able to make. * Your reasonability's will be to make sure there is no hazards within the shop that will harm yourself or the customer. * To take care of the money when you are on shift. * To make sure there is no damage to the clothes when they are in your care To lock up the shop on some shifts Where I will advertise the shop Advertising my shop in the right way is very important as it can bring in the customers or keep them away. If I want a certain type of customers coming to my shop than I will have to advertise in different places according to what it is that I want. ...read more.


Theories of Motivation There are many theories of motivation but the one that I choose to use in my work place is Maslow's Theory of motivation (hierarchy of needs). He based his theory on the fact that if your staff are motivated they will work harder and that managers must satisfy the needs of the staff. He puts the needs into a hierarchy order with the most important being at the top and the least being at the bottom However there is another theory of motivation which is F.W Taylor (scientific management) this says that humans are mainly motivated by materialistic things such as money of prizes. He then thinks that managers should pay the staff a good wage in order to get the best performance out of their team. From my knowledge of motivation I will motivate my staff by paying them a good wage this will help as they will feel that they are achieving something by working harder then the next person. Providing good working conditions will help motivate your staff as it will make work a nice place to come to so you will have fewer people calling in sick as they are dreading going to the dirty working conditions. Providing them the opportunity to develop themselves is good way to motivate the staff as the will feel like they are not only getting material factors out of their jobs but they are getting something emotionally and spiritually. Treating them well and treating them as important to the business is important as they will feel like they contribute to the work place and that they are not just there to fill in the numbers. I think that my business will benefit from motivating the staff as I will feel better from knowing that I have a happy staff and they will also perform better which will in turn make my profit and sales go up. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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