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business studies nat dip level 3 unit 4

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(p1) describe the recruitment and retention process and documentation in a selected organisation I have chosen JD Sports as my business in which I will describe its recruitment and documentation process. In this assignment I will explain the processes and key terms. Retention is a term meaning to keep the employees happy by working at that business. Businesses to this by offering staff Employee Discounts on products that the business sells, promotions, pensions, keeping staff noticed about changed or special events, educate employees more, make the staff socialize and offer good technology for the staff to use. But as we know all business are different so there are different ways of retaining staff. JD Sports offer their staff 15% discounts on any discounts and bonus rewards for staff with good attendance and punctuality. Recruitment means employing new employees. Businesses use some steps which makes recruiting employees easier, these are (in order); 1. Job description 2. Job specification 3. Advertisement 4. Application / CV 5. Applicants are short listed 6. Reference are requested 7. ...read more.


The UK's Number One Sports Fashion Retailer, The John David Group, is synonymous with stocking Exclusive and Limited Edition collections of sports casual footwear and apparel and is the leader in its sector. Applicants must possess effective retailing skills along with a good educational background. If you have not been contacted within four weeks please assume you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. REF: http://www.jdsports.co.uk/company.aspx?id=21 2. A job specification, also knows as job spec is a little bit like the job description, it's still an advert (but it states not the tasks and responsibilities like the job description) but it states the skills, experience and abilities needed. This is still before the job is advertised, at this moment JD Sports are still planning their advert but this is the final stage. Below is a job spec for JS Sports, directly copied from a job search website. REF: http://www.technojobs.co.uk/info/recruiter-guides/writing-a-job-spec.phtml POSITION LOCATION COMPANY PACKAGE Assistant Manager Hounslow, Middlesex JD Sports ´┐ŻAttractive + Benefits You will need strong supportive, leadership and communication skills with a personality to ...read more.


Here is an advert on their website. REF: http://www.jdsports.co.uk/company.aspx?id=22 4. Application is the candidates actually apply for the job. Some apply online; they e-mail the employer and attach their CV, some drop their CV of at the business and wait for a call. CV stands for curriculum vitae CV's are an essential tool for both the candidate and the employer. It shows the candidates skill, experience, basically everything bout them which is the information needed for the employer. It also shows the candidates details such as name, age, race, marital position, hobbies and sex. Most CV are hand written as they're easy to replace and easier to read. REF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curriculum_vitae 5. After the processes above the applicants are short listed. This is where JD Sports list all their successful candidates that previously passed the stages before this. The managers will see who is best for the job in comparison to the other candidates. This way they can be accurate in what kind of person they hire, so they know that certain person is best for the job. 6. References are requested by the managers for the best candidate shortlisted. ...read more.

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