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Business Studies - Recrutiement

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Recruitment My company (Argos) has people working in different areas which require different abilities and such. For example they have a person working as sales assistants, which doesn't require that much training and then they have a person working as Executive Managers, which requires previous experience as they need someone who can quickly take control. Each person will have to be evaluated, to see if they are suitable for the job. Once this is done, the recruitment process can start. The next thing to take into consideration is the job description, this is very important as without it, no-one would know what the job required doing. This is an extract from the Customer Service Manager Job vacancy (Taken from argoscareers.com) ...read more.


Argos doesn't place adverts in newspapers, but rather it forwards it's vacancies towards agencies and it relies on people to visit its website. Once the closing date has passed, the selection process begins. The first stage of selection is to draw up a shortlist. During the short-listing stage people who will be involved in the selection process examine the applications and compare them to the job specification. The purpose of this is to decide who to interview and who to reject. Some of the organizations will 'grade' each application against each point, whilst other companies will give an overall grade. The applicants who meet the requirements of the job are then invited for an interview. Interviewing applicants is just really a conversation between the applicant and firms representatives to find out more about each other and to see if they are suitable for the job. ...read more.


As well as the interview, companies will use other tests and methods of selection to judge persons compatibility for the job. On the day of the interview applicants are usually shown around the building, this gives the applicants to meet some of the people who they could be working with. Jobs that require particular skills might involve a test as well as an interview. For example secretaries might have to type a piece of work to show how fast and accurate there typing is. Some firms use personality assessments for certain types of jobs. For example organisations that sell pensions and insurance might require individuals being considered for jobs in the sales force to complete a questionnaire about their attitudes and ambitions. Most application forms will ask the applicant to name at least two referees. They will write you a reference. Employers might be expect to be told about your appearance, whether you are reliable and so on. ...read more.

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