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Business studies - The aim is to recruit two sales representatives to increase sales

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BUSINESS STUDIES COURSEWORK The aim is to recruit two sales representatives to increase sales. In my duties as Personnel Manager for Cleanup (UK), my main aims and objectives are:- a) Draw up a Job Description b) Draw up a Job/Person Specification c) Investigate suitable method of recruitment d) Investigate legislation governing recruitment e) Choose advertising media and design a job advertisement f) Prepare an application form for the available positions g) Discuss and decide on an appropriate method of selection After I receive several applications I then intend to:- a) Prepare suitable questions to ask at the interview b) After undergoing the usual interviewing procedures, recommend the two candidates who would be most suitable c) Prepare a Contract Of Employment for the new staff d) Explain the importance of good training e) Suggest ways of motivating the new staff f) Prepare an Induction Programme and a staff information sheet which should include information about the options for Trade Union Membership within the firm. To assist in my objectives, I will research the following areas:- * The internet * Media, Newspapers * Job-markets, * Recruitment agencies * Employment legislation and procedures JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title: Sales Representative Department: Sales (NI) Responsible to: Sales Manager (UK) - Mr C L Allot Main purpose of the job: * The main aim is to establish and maintain a direct line of contact between the company and the buyer's/clients and to keep them well informed of any modifications to their product. Main duties: * To be responsible for the demonstration and distribution of the various products available. * To set up a database of customers and suppliers and to ensure a first class customer service * To boost sales of the Cleanup products JOB SPECIFICATION: Job Title: Sales Representative Department: Sales (NI) Cleanup (UK) Details of job: The main aim is to establish and maintain a direct line of contact between the company and the buyer's/clients and to keep them well informed of any modifications to their product. ...read more.


This gives a disabled person a chance to gain employment. EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT When the most suitable candidate for the position has been selected, an employment contract has to be agreed with the employee within 13 weeks from the date their employment commenced. A Contract of Employment covers:- * Job Title Sales Representative for Cleanup (UK) * Date employment commenced: 15 March 2003 * How many hours the employee works per week?: 40 hours * Rate and method of pay: �7.50 per hour / monthly payments * Holiday entitlements: 35 days annual leave plus statutory holidays at Christmas, Easter and bank holidays * Period of notice required to terminate employment: 3 weeks * Pension Scheme arrangements: Full details are available on request from the Personnel Department. A personal pension plan is an investment policy designed to offer a lump sum and income in retirement. They are available to all employees and one of our advisors will call with you to discuss the various options available and assist you in choosing the one most suitable to your own requirements * Rights concerning Trade Unions:- Employees may be asked by someone who represents a trade union if they want to join. If they decide to join, they will pay an annual subscription. Part of this subscription will go towards employing union officials. These officials will represent the views of the union to the employers in a bid to achieve their aims. Training, safe work environment, negotiating salary details - all these will be dealt with on your behalf by the trade union official. * Details of the Company's disciplinary procedure: (A complete booklet detailing our company's Disciplinary Procedure is also available on request from the Personnel Department). The contract of employment between Cleanup (U.K.) Plc and an employee is subject, among other things, to satisfactory conduct. Where there are any shortcomings in an employee's overall conduct, he/she should, as far as possible, be made aware of these and possible remedies, should be considered before formal steps become necessary. ...read more.


Any concerns or worries can generally be sorted out before any serious problems have a chance to arise. Topics such as salary etc can be discussed at a mutually convenient time in a confidential atmosphere and the employee can share any problems they may have with their own job. JOB SATISFACTION * Recognition for good work; merit rises, PRP etc * Opportunities for promotion, training should always be offered * Ensuring the working conditions are always at a satisfactory level SUITABLE METHODS OF RECRUITMENT There are always various options as to how the post will be filled. INTERNAL RECRUITMENT This means that the post will be filled from inside the organisation. The vacancy may be advertised on a company notice board or, if the business is large, either the company newspaper or intranet. This would be more suitable for an employee who seeks promotion within the business. There are certain advantages to this type of recruitment:- - it saves time and money - the person is already known to the business and their reliability, ability and potential are known - the person knows the company's way of working and what is expected - it can be very motivating for other employees to see their fellow workers being promoted - it makes them work harder. EXTERNAL RECRUITMENT Most vacancies are filled by this method. This involves advertising the vacancy, and this can be done is may ways:- - Local newspapers - National newspapers - Specialist magazines and journals - Recruitment Agencies - On-line internet recruitment When all applications have been received and examined, the suitable candidates can be written to and the selection process can begin:- - interviews and aptitude tests, skill tests, personality tests and group situation tests (if applicable) - short listing of the suitable candidates - decision making - when the suitable applicant has been offered the job, the unsuccessful applicants will be informed that they have not got the job and thanked for applying. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE People in Business section.

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