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Business- Unit 1, Task 1

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Investigating Businesses Introduction In this unit I will be investigating two different businesses, one from the primary sector and one from the tertiary sector. One is a medium company; Tower Colliery and one is a small franchise; Spar. I will be investigating and comparing the history and location of each ownership. Tower Colliery Tower Colliery is a medium coalmining business and which is operated in the primary sector. Tower Colliery was built in 1864 and is located in Hirwaun in South Wales. The Colliery was started on Hirwaun common, named after the nearby "Crawshay's Tower" a folly built in 1848. It is a limited liability business as it is a worker co-operative; it is the business's problem if the company is in debt. ...read more.


The workmen decided that Tyrone O'Sullivan should be the company chairman as he would do the best job. The mine is located where the coal is otherwise they would not have the business they have now. There have been many changes in the last 18 months; Tower Colliery is the only workers co-operative coalmine in Europe. The business made �40,000,000 pre tax profits in 1995. Spar This is a smaller business branch but there are many branches, some are franchisers situated all over Europe. This is in the Tertiary Sector as it sells groceries. It has Unlimited Liability. This is a franchise business. ...read more.


To make as much profit as they can They can achieve this by selling more coal at a reasonable price. To extract and sell coal They can achieve this by advertising more and getting trained staff that are able to identify good quality coal. Spar. The aims and objectives of spar are: To make the shops convenient They can achieve this by locating the shops near houses or where people need the shops. To maximise its sales and beat the competition They can achieve this by selling good products at competitive prices. To survive They can achieve this by making as much profit as they can and providing a wider range of products. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emily Bolton Task 1 68715 ...read more.

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