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GCSE Citizenship Studies 3280 (Short Course) 3280/02: Participating in Society, Internal Assessment Front Sheet Centre Name Theresa olubakinde Centre Number 1026 Candidate Name oluwatobi olubakinde Candidate Number 4122 This form is designed for electronic completion and where necessary boxes will expand as you type. Once fully completed, this form must be printed for submission and both teacher and candidate authentication statements signed by hand. Please ensure that all pages are fastened securely prior to submission. Description of Citizenship Activity Describe how you participated in a school or community based activity. The activity was (please select as appropriate): a. Describe the activity As a whole class we learnt about the differences about charities and youth philanthropy initiative (YPI) we then were instructed to get into groups to raise a sum of money for a charity to present to the class referring to charities based on these headings, domestic violence, homelessness, caregivers, rehabilitation, poverty, unemployment, living with health problems, immigrant/refugee and rehabilitation. b. Describe your role In my group of five my role was to make sure the presentations were completed, this was done by asking my assistant if she has also completed the part of the charity presentation and me completing it and checking it by reading it and putting both presentations together to make sure it makes full sense. To present to the whole class on our charity refuge, to make people feel persuaded by the language used on this domestic violence charity, to make the class feel more persuaded, want to know more about the charity and interact with us and ask questions about this charity. ...read more.


While Amy was designing the charity's poster she needed help in what to write on the poster so she asked me to check what she had written so far and to tell her whether she needed to improve on anything or add any bits of information to the poster that was missing. Lucy emailed the charity to know more about what the charity does and how they do this but unfortunately the charity just emailed back a slide show that Lucy wasn't able to access. Sophia- helped do the slide show of the presentation and during the activity she helped the people in the group who needed help with the task they were given to do for the presentation. I produced the other half of the powerpoint presentation by researching more about the charity in order to alter the information and use it on the powerpoint presentation and as i was researching on the charity's website i spotted a link to the Refuge poem and copied and pasted it to my documents to read to the audience to see how domestic violence can affect people's lifes. Section Two: Activity Log List the separate activities in which you took part and outline how you revised or changed your plans at each stage. You may continue on a separate sheet if necessary. Activity Group/Individual Date Took part of what our main society problems there are in our community. Group 1/10/07 What charity we chose the one that was more suitable for us, and what felt right for us to support. Group 1/10/07 We decided in unisiunm what each worker in the group should do in each presentation. ...read more.


this job was the most important job to do because it influences the audience's thoughts about domestic violence and makes them begin to ask question's on the story's that are read out to them about domestic violence.Looking for the poem was not easy to find it was near to the deadline i spotted it and realised this could touch someone's soul in the audience whether they have exprienced domestic violence or have friends and family who have experienced it. What i could improve on 1.Add more notes to my research notes 2.Stop panicking on presenting the information to the audience and focus more on the work. Evaluation of the contribution of others to the activity Other people in the group worked brilliantly because they knew as they were working they can't loose anything but gain something out of what they choose to do and the tasks given. People in my group also listened to one another by being silent as the person was sharing their idea without fidderling or being immature. The people in my group were always there to help when help was needed, because i didn't start with the group i don't know when the whole group decided on their roles and responsibilities but when i joined there was a lot of roles needed to be done. i think as i entered the group negotiated well on their roles and responsibilities because everyone was on task. Our group could improve on it next time by working in unity, making everyone happy and not two members leaving the group. the two problems our group faced was 1. Two members left the group. 2.Because they left there was more work for us to do. ...read more.

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