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Cadbury PEST

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Introduction: The Cadbury's business needs to be aware o the changing industrial areas and the political, economic, social and technological sectors of the country. The main reason why Cadburys is interested in PEST is because they like to know what's going on inside and outside their business, and Cadbury's will also want to be aware of what they can do to make their business more profitable. The business cannot change their external issues but they can be aware of them so they know how they can run and respond to them and maybe tweak them in a constructive way. What does PEST stand for? PEST stands for: Political, Economic, Social and Technological external factors that can alter the way a business works. PEST analysis is a tool for analysing the external pressures that come up and affect a business. Political: Political decisions can affect Cadbury's, these can be either advantages of disadvantages, if taxes increase, therefore consumers decrease and sales of stock decrease. ...read more.


Snack vending machines were originally made for junk food products but nowadays a lot of vending machines include healthy food so this wouldn't help Cadbury's because everyone knows chocolate is bad for you, and if more people are eating healthily then less people will be eating confectionary products. So then Cadbury's will lose out on money, as there will not be as much customers as what they used to have as they have all started eating healthy foods from vending machines instead of Cadbury's products. Local residents with small businesses near 'Cadbury's World' would benefit from the money that is being brought in by all the visitors. More people are health conscious - they will read the ingredients on most if not all food products they buy and check for any 'E' numbers etc. They will also check the packaging for 'Calorie Content' a lot of 'Sugars' and any 'Saturated Fats' the confectionary item has in it. ...read more.


So customers not actually being in their store will mean that they will soon start to lose out on money and they will not get any profits e.g. they will be making more chocolate than what they are selling chocolate. Another weakness to the improvement of technology is that other businesses can find out the technology the Cadbury's business are using and then them try and produce better quality confectionary then Cadbury's and also make it a lot quicker than what Cadburys makes theirs. Conclusion: So for my conclusion I have explained the four external factors and I have explained how these factors could change the way that businesses i.e. Cadburys run and how much capital they make. I have also said how businesses such as Cadbury's have to look out for and adapt to the them so that they can carry on earning a high amount of money and increasing their overall profit. And that was my Cadbury's PEST essay. :) AO3 - Cadbury's PEST Amber Hill 10NRS ...read more.

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