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Cadbury Schweppes plc a strategic overview.

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There are three different sectors within business. They are: * Primary sector * Secondary sector * Tertiary sector The primary sector is made up of the collecting of raw materials, the growing of food and the catching of fish. Industries in this sector include: * Mining for oil * Coal * Iron * Forestry * Agriculture * Fish farming * The claiming back of land In the primary sector are also included the energy-making utilities like coal, oil and nuclear-fuelled power stations, gas making plants and hydroelectric schemes. Secondary Sector This sector refines processes and manufactures and includes industries like petrochemical refineries, steel making mills, factories for making equipment and machinery for industry and goods for consumer purchase. The products are refined to the point of semi- refurbishment. Part of this group is my chosen business, Cadburys. Cadbury plc is a confectionery and beverage company with its headquarters in Berkeley Square, London, England, UK. Cadbury's is currently the only major international confectionery manufacturer to produce Fair-trade or organic products, which it sells through its subsidiary company Green & Black's. Many people may suggest that Cadburys falls into the category of the secondary sector because it manufactures the chocolate. It could not be part of the primary sector because it does not collect all the ingredients to make all the chocolate. ...read more.


This initiative is run by the government, and they pay families who cannot get out working for either medical or family reasons. This means that more people earn money without doing anything, meaning they do not have to work. Tertiary Sector Tertiary jobs involve providing a service. About 76 percent of UK workers are employed in this sector. The key employment are nursing, teaching and banking. This industry makes the most money because it sells the most products for the cheaper prices. An example of this may be Tesco, as they have to product a good range of products and service in order for the customers to shop with them and maybe even use their business again. This is a really important objective to reach for this sort of business, because if they do not fulfill this, they will become victims of their fellow competitor's fortunes. Other businesses within the tertiary businesses include Argos, Morrison's and all other businesses that provide a service to the public. Trends between all the sectors Cadburys operates within all of the sectors show in this document. Cadbury's operates within the primary sector because it buys land and makes it into farms. It also buys plots of land in Venezuela, Madagascar etc. This is because these places are said to harvest the best cocoa beans throughout the world. ...read more.


Comparison of the three sectors One of the main reasons the people are not working in the primary sector is the value of money compared to other countries. Some countries have a lower currency rate than us, meaning the secondary businesses can buy in the raw materials we need for a fraction of the price. Tertiary businesses are at an advantage because they can buy specialist staff from different countries across the world. These can make specialist equipment, otherwise a fortune in the UK, for a smaller price. Further reasons that the primary sector is in decline because of the lack of the resources in the world today. Just last week we had a report from Sky News, telling us to cut back on oil. Further reasons for the primary sector are the wage problem. Employees have a choice of a higher job and a higher wage; this entices the workers away from the lower wage bracket jobs. The biggest thing that has been making the decline of the primary sector has been the introduction of robots. This means that people are not needed in order to complete the job. A final reason to the triumph of the tertiary sector is the fact that consumers have become richer, therefore they spend more money on the goods, services the tertiary sector provide. ?? ?? ?? ?? William Burrows -10B3 29/1/2008 Unit 1 - Investigating Business AO5 Coursework ...read more.

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