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Career planning at Ikea

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Introduction Career planning in any organization is based on how the organization may help and helps its employees in planning their careers. Organizations may take some steps, in planning its employees careers, such as collecting information on personal preferences, personal duties, hobbies, and interests of employees. Organizations may also give an opportunity to develop through providing training, courses, and promotions. Organizations may behave as a supportive partner, in managing its employees careers, for example, by lowering the work load while employee is taking any educational program, by giving time off to study, or by paying a part of the tuition fee. Therefore, career planning may include anything from policies on hiring and promotions and collecting data about personal preferences to Educational Assistance Programs and flexible working hours. Organizations desiring to align its interests with the employee's interests provide some types of career planning. In order to make employees satisfied with their jobs organizations try to help in career planning of its employees by empowering them in their jobs, by giving them more meaningful responsibilities, or by providing time off for educational and developmental purposes. Some organizations actually pay for its employees education when they take programs related to the industry or to the positions held. Giving employees more responsibilities and making them the leaders of the teams gives them more opportunities to develop own leadership and decision making skills. ...read more.


Flexible Working Hours: Ikea as being in retail industry hires many people on a part time basis, therefore it may offer what is called flexible working hours. This primarily means that employees have a choice what day to work and what hours to work, since they are not required to work 40 hours a week. Flex work enables co-workers to balance home and work careers as well as to spend more time on personal development. Nonetheless, flex work program depends on where the co-worker is working, for instance, in some departments, such as Ikea Trading, co-workers are required to work 8 hours a day but it does not have to be in straight time as long as they have eight hours a day worked. Whereas, in other departments it means that co-worker may choose which days to take off and which days to work. Promotions: Promotions within Ikea may be vertical or lateral. The policy states that in order to be eligible for promotion for a position lower than management position, the candidate must work with the company at least six months, and to be eligible for promotion for management position the candidate must work at least three years. Positions are always posted first within a store where the opening occurred, than if no one applies or no one meets requirements the position is posted in the stores within a certain geographical ...read more.


Therefore the positions that require well developed communication skills and those that do not require should be recognized. Summary: Ikea is a huge retail company that is managing its employees in many countries. Policies are universal to each store in every country, the principles and rules are known throughout the company. Therefore it seems like Ikea is managing its co-workers well giving them many opportunities to develop, and supporting them in their career decisions. However, first Ikea does not keep track of its employees interests regarding their careers, it is assumed and implemented tat employees should be pro-active in taking actions regarding their careers, no one will be forcing promotions or managing someone else career. Second those policies, having meant well being of Ikea's employees, are not well managed and it seems that in almost every store around the world politics within the company and relationships among co-workers, supervisors, and managers takes part in deciding who will be promoted and to what position. Nonetheless, Ikea tries to help employees in managing their careers, and takes steps in doing so through offering training and development programs as well as Educational Assistance Program. Ikea also tries to align its business interests with interests of its employees through offering flexible working hours. This helps to retain good employees that can not work full time and at the same time offers employees opportunities to develop. ...read more.

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