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Carphone warehouse website corporate information.

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Carphone warehouse Carphone warehouse website corporate information The Carphone Warehouse's Product Truth: A product bought from The Carphone Warehouse will not only be the most appropriate for the customer's needs, it will also benefit from a comprehensive range of products, services and after-sales care that cannot be found elsewhere. At The Carphone Warehouse everything we do is based on our 'five fundamental rules'. The rules speak for themselves and need little embellishment. However, it is worth stressing that the rules are applied not just in our stores, but in our call centres and support functions too, to ensure that we provide the best possible customer experience. ...read more.


* Always treat customers as we ourselves would like to be treated. * The reputation of the whole company is in the hands of each individual. Business review Nov 2000 1) 1999 Christmas over 4 million people got a mobile phone 2) Over 154 million use a mobile across Europe in 2000 3) Charles Dunstone set up Carphone Warehouse only 11 years ago 4) He realised that smaller operations such as builders and plumbers could make good use of the mobile phone, this was his niche 5) ...read more.


5) Community - community involvement schemes, improve image. 6) Competitive advantage - achieved by putting the customer first Nuffield Activities 1) Customer service - ultimate price promise, express repair centre mobile phones & health 2) Training - Monitoring of sales skills, time taken to answer the phone, waiting time in store, staff attitudes & product knowledge 3) Staff - rewards for good work and innovation 4) Mobile phones and health - In May 1998 launch of a information service which gives the latest developments of how mobiles can affect your health 5) Finding the family - 100 phones sent to Kosovo with airtime to help reunite families Graphs ...read more.

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