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GCSE: Case Studies

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What is SWOT analysis?

  1. 1 This is one of the commonest ways in which a business analyses its position. It will use a SWOT analysis as a basis for deciding on new strategies. It can also be used by business students to analyse a business as it methodically goes through the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced by a business.
  2. 2 Strengths relate to internal factors that make the business better than the competition. It might be a wider product range, lower costs, better established brand name or any other factor that the business thinks it is strong in. Once identified it will look for ways it can build on its strengths.
  3. 3 Weaknesses relate to internal factors that the business feels it is worse in than its competitors e.g. less well known, less well developed in certain products or markets, lack of expertise etc. It is important for a business to be honest in assessing the weaknesses. It will look to minimising the effects of weaknesses or developing them.
  4. 4 Opportunities are external factors which the business could develop. They might relate to a market the business could move in to, a weak competitor, a new product area with strong possibilities of growth or a change in the law which presents business opportunities.
  5. 5 Threats are external factors that threaten the success of the business. It usually relates to a competitor’s action e.g. a competitor that is ruthlessly cutting prices or a new piece of legislation that is threatening to reduce the market. A business will look for ways to reduce the threats once it is aware of it.

How can I find out more about a business?

  1. 1 A company web site is a good place to start but bear in mind that this is written by the company itself and should be treated with some suspicion as a business will use its web site to sell itself.
  2. 2 For more detailed financial analysis, the annual report is a good source. Public Limited Companies must publish details of their finances e.g. profit and loss account and balance sheet. These can be accessed through the web site. Try going to investor relations if you are struggling to find it. The pay of all directors must be stated.
  3. 3 Newspaper articles will give useful information. Go to the web site of a quality paper or the BBC and search on the name of the company.
  4. 4 Try putting the name of the company onto a search engine. You will find that there often there are web sites giving a different perspective e.g. criticising their customer service, ethical policy or products. Do not put too many words into a search engine.
  5. 5 Develop the important skill of skim reading so that you can quickly see if a page is likely to have useful information. Follow links and skim them quickly as well.

How to analyse the external factors that affect a business

  1. 1 PEST analysis is a systematic tool which can be used to analyse the external factors affecting a business. Businesses use it on themselves when doing this and it is effective to use it as a student as it categorises the broad areas of external factors affecting a business. The word PEST comes from the initials of Political, Economic, Social and Technological.
  2. 2 Political factors can have a big influence on the laws affecting business, the purchasing power of consumers and the attitude of government to businesses. A business should analyse how politically stable a country is and any laws that will affect its operation.
  3. 3 Economic factors can have a big effect on the success of a business. It needs to analyse the economic state of countries it is in and the influence this will have on the business. If a country is in recession, this will affect the products and the best approach to marketing.
  4. 4 Social factors can have a big effect on business. Is the population ageing or predominantly young, what do the population think about 'green' issues, what is their attitude towards women?
  5. 5 Technological factors can have a big impact on business. Is a break through in manufacture likely, is there an advance in design and function that affects demand for a product, do customers increasingly want to buy this on the internet in some markets?

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  1. The aims and objectives of Tate and Lyle and Cycle Asylum

    Whereas a Sole Trader is a small local business with only one owner along with five employees. In addition to that the PLC (Public Limited Company) has managers which are in charge of the factory on behalf of the share holders, which means that the share holders would have to leave the managers of the factory in charge of everything. Whereas in Ian Calloway's small business is run by one man which is himself along with Ian supervising his five employees. Furthermore there's a divorce of ownerships and control; this means that the board of directors and the managers are making the decisions on behalf of the share-holders.

    • Word count: 633
  2. Business Enterprise coursework

    In 2004 Viennetta launched the Selections range. This included fruits of the forest, chocolate brownie and double crisp. To celebrate its 21st birthday, the traditional ice cream wave was increased in size. In order to celebrate the 25th birthday of Viennetta dessert in 2007 the two favorite flavors still exist, Mint and Vanilla but now with even more chocolate and even bigger waves to make them taste even better Viennetta vanilla Viennetta mint Desk research is a form of secondary market research.

    • Word count: 6074
  3. Critical Success Factors in a Competitive Dairy Market

    The company recently made drastic changes to its process by introducing the "Made for You" system (Chase). Competition Bases Speed McDonald's competes on several bases mainly to "make their customers happy" by providing speedy, affordable, and nutritious foods. Through extensive market research and survey, the organization discovered that its customers desire speed as one of the restaurants' top priorities. Therefore, McDonald's vision aims to "provide fast, friendly and accurate service" ("McDonald's Worldwide" 5). McDonald's realizes that specific targets are necessary to measure the performance of speed, and continuously takes relevant measurements to compare actual performance with desired targets (measurements are detailed later in this report in the "Quality Management" section).

    • Word count: 6306
  4. I will describe the main purpose, ownership size and scale of each of the following business namely, Comet, CryproFood, BBC and Age Concern.

    The kesa group is a retailer of domestic good s (DEGS) and furniture operating in seven European countries. As well as UK the group has particularly strong band in France through day and but the group share trading values based in: best price best choice and best service aimed at a broad customer base to generate strong brand loyalty. Comet group plc operate only in the UK it was funded as a family business selling. Comet and the company has since further expanded it UK. Scale Comet is national scale of operation are only operates throughout the United Kingdom.

    • Word count: 1256
  5. Customer Service. The aim of this project is to assess the customer service of an organisation of my choice; therefore, I have chosen Ikea.

    This 'anti-service approach to service as it is has been described, is the foundation of Ikea's stores today. Task 1 Summarise methods of assessing the quality of customer service provision in a business and service context The service quality in many retail sales people naturally emphasise the quality of the products they are selling. However, from a retailers' point of view it is quality of its customer services that is important. Retail customer service should: * Be reliable * Be responsive to the needs of customers * Be undertaken competently * Empathise with the consumer.

    • Word count: 1898
  6. The effects of business on the community

    In addition, they will also be paying national insurance and corporation tax, which in term will be spent by the government on what they feel, needs to be developed upon such as roads and hospitals. Negative effects include anything which has any relation towards global warming. As any business I will be using electricity, throwing away rubbish and also noise pollution with my idea to advertise my business near the market with a live production this will produce a lot of noise pollution.

    • Word count: 954
  7. Business KFC Franchise

    Today, KFC sells around one billion chicken meals every year in over eighty countries and territories. The KFC franchise in the Philippines was founded in 1967, and was owned by several different franchisees. In 1994 Manuel U. Agustines obtained sole command of the Philippine KFC franchise. The Filipino franchise currently has 69 branches. The Filipino KFC franchise offers: Original Recipe and Hot and Crispy Chicken, Fully Loaded Meals, Bucket Meals, the Famous Bowl, Fun Shots, the Zinger sandwich, brownies, crispy fries, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, Salad d'Lite (consisting of various types of salad), and the brand new KFC Twister.

    • Word count: 777

    19 CH?PTER 3: METHODOLOGY 20 ??MPLE ?ND D?T? COLLECTION 20 ME??UREMENT OF CON?TRUCT? 20 CH?PTER 4: ?N?LY?I? ?ND RE?ULT? 22 CH?PTER 5: DI?CU??ION 25 CU?TOMER ??TI?F?CTION 32 TOP M?N?GEMENT COMMITMENT ?ND LE?DER?HIP 34 IMPLIC?TION? FOR RE?E?RCH 35 IMPLIC?TION? FOR M?N?GEMENT 36 DIRECTION? FOR FUTURE RE?E?RCH 37 CH?PTER 6: CONCLU?ION 39 LIMIT?TION? 43 REFERENCES 45 BIBLIOGRAPHY 49 ?PPENDIX 54 T?BLE 1 54 T?BLE 2 56 CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION ? ?ub?t?nti?l body of re?e?rch confirm? the po?itive ???oci?tion between employee ?nd cu?tomer ??ti?f?ction. ? common ch?r?cteri?tic of ?ll previou? re?e?rch i? th?t pre?ent ?v?il?ble dy?dic ?tudie? h?ve m?inly focu?ed on ?ervice employee?

    • Word count: 18950
  9. chapter 7

    The best place to determine both purpose and audience is usually in the preface, foreword, or introduction. What demand did the author intend to fulfill with the book? Did the author write because there was no satisfactory work available on the subject? Did the writer feel that he or she had a new point of view on a well-worn topic? Perhaps the author wrote a popular account of a subject about which previous works had been dull and dry. Ascertaining the author's purpose is important. The writer should be judged by whether he or she achieved what he or she set out to accomplish.

    • Word count: 431

    go to in order to deliver information Example: If the general manager of the Morrison store in Erith wanted to know exactly who left the floor wet which caused an accident with another member of staff; the general manger would immediately know where to go to because the only staff that would clean the floors of the store would be the support staff, because this responsibility is entitled to this level of workers, so it would make communication for the general manager a whole lot quicker than if the whole Morrison's company were to not have this organisational chart.

    • Word count: 2194

    You must have a minimum of three GCSEs. We also want someone who has experience in sales, but we are also willing for someone who has just left school and has a fresh idea for new learning and training. The hours you will work are from 9am till 6pm, unless you are doing overtime. For further information about this job opening please contact Morrison's or even the Morrison's website. Or phone us on 0208 346574. The deadline for this application is Friday the 13th July.

    • Word count: 2908

    This applies to both direct and indirect discrimination. Disability Discrimination Act 1995: This law applies to Morrison's because they are a business that has over fifteen employees. The employee's disability may be physical or mental but must be long term, meaning it must last more than one year, twelve months. The employer must not treat a disabled person less favourably than a person with no disability, and the employer may be required to make reasonable adjustments to the workplace to allow a disabled person to do the job.

    • Word count: 1703
  13. Competitors of Slatterys

    One of the supermarkets near Slattery's is Morrisons, which is located just down the road from Slattery's; this is a big problem for Slattery's because of the cheaper prices that Morrisons offer, meaning more customers go there, due to this Slattery's have to put there prices up to break even and have to think of new ideas to make profit. However, as Slattery's provides customers with products which are much higher quality and detail, this makes Slattery's products more desirable to customers; although, the price of the products Slattery's offer, in comparison to Morrisons, are considerable more expensive, which may cause customers which are financial conscious not to visit Slattery's, and instead go to one of the local supermarkets.

    • Word count: 1012
  14. Barclays Bank

    Th? purp??? ?f fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? i? t? pr?vid? u??r? (bu?in??? ?wn?r?, l?nd?r?, m?n?g?r?, ?uppli?r?, cu?t?m?r?, ?tt?rn?y? ?nd litig?nt? ?nd ?mpl?y??? ?nd j?b ???k?r?) with ? ??t ?f fin?nci?l d?t? th?t, in ?umm?ry f?rm, f?irly r?pr???nt? th? fin?nci?l ?tr?ngth ?nd p?rf?rm?nc? ?f ? bu?in??? (1994). Th?y r?v??l ?pp?rtuniti?? ?nd pr?vid? pr?t?cti?n ?g?in?t fin?nci?l pitf?ll?. Id??lly, fin?nci?l ?t?t?m?nt? ?n?ly?i? pr?vid?? inf?rm?ti?n th?t i? u??ful t? pr???nt ?nd p?t?nti?l inv??t?r? ?nd cr?dit?r? ?nd ?th?r u??r? in m?king r?ti?n?l inv??tm?nt, cr?dit ?nd ?th?r ?imil?r d?ci?i?n? ( 2003). Furth?r, th?y ?r? c?mp?r?tiv? m???ur?m?nt? ?f ri?k ?nd r?turn t? m?k? inv??tm?nt ?r cr?dit d?ci?i?n? ?? th?y pr?vid? ?n? b??i? f?r pr?j?cting futur? ??rning? ?nd c??h fl?w?. (2005) cl?im? th?t ?x?cutiv?? ?nd m?n?g?r? u?? th?

    • Word count: 4795
  15. Mobile and DJ market

    member of staff has made an appointment to meet a customer and has been held up, the employee can make a mobile phone call directly to explain the circumstance and re-book the appointment if necessary � Many mobile phones are now fitted with WAP (wireless application protocol) - this enables people to gain access to office intranet to browse the web or look at their emails. For example if a DJ was unable to access its home computer, it can use its mobile phone instead to find out if a gig was on or not.

    • Word count: 951
  16. Should the Government encourage home ownership?

    However, there are negative effects to "home ownership". From an economic point of view, it's good for those that rent because they are able to move easily to other locations where there might be more work. Homeowners are less likely to move, especially when they can't afford to sell their houses due to the impacts on the housing market from the credit crunch. The reluctance from homeowners keeps unemployment high in struggling areas where business need to attract workers to make the company grow.

    • Word count: 670
  17. Domestic dog home

    A balance sheet can be used to help the business analyse the businesses position and to improve their actions. Also the balance sheet will be useful to investors and shareholders so they can value the company. A balance sheet consists of the following information: * Current Assets * Fixed Assets * Current Assets * Working Capital * Current Liabilities * Long Term Liabilities I am now going to create a table which will explain all the different elements to a Profit and loss account: Sales Sales are all the money which is obtained by selling the businesses products of services.

    • Word count: 1328

    Apples corporate headquarters are based in 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California and it currently has 250 stores globally. Apple was incorporated on January 3rd 1977 and was called Apple computer inc. but changed their name to Apple inc. 30 years later because they were also successful in other products in the electronic market Products Apple is the business which has come up with a variety of unique ideas, which have been evolved and improved by apple and are still available today. Apples main products are: The Mac computer which is good for design programs and is designed to prevent all viruses comes in a variety of types and price ranges.

    • Word count: 4993
  19. This marketing report is going to look at the internal and external analysis of Mark Warner Holidays Ltd. It will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the business and look at potential opportunities or remedies for the main problem it may have.

    The turnover of the company from 1998 rose steadily from �25.625million to almost �40million in 2001. The turnover for the reaming years from 2002 kept on rising and dipping and ended at �46.281million by 2007 (Fig 1). Turnover for competitors for year 2007 were between �45.038m and �47.997m showing Mark Warner has a very strong market share of the tour operator sector. (Fig 1) Source: Fame The cost of sales has risen steadily from �-18.696m in 1997 to �38.434 in 2003. In 2004 the cost fell to down to �-34.924 but rose to �-42.157 by the end of 2007(fig 2).

    • Word count: 10757
  20. McDonalds Corporate Sustainability

    A strategy with specific measures which the company could undertake in order to become more sustainable over the next five years will be recommended, thus enabling McDonalds to positively contribute to the sustainment of the environment for future generations. The objectives of this report will be to introduce why environmental sustainability is important, give an educated definition of environmental sustainability, McDonalds restaurants participation within this matter and conclude with recommendations for McDonalds to raise awareness and contribute to environmental sustainability for future generations, following findings from detailed research. 2.1 Why environmental sustainability is important If biodiversity continues to decrease; e.g.

    • Word count: 6950
  21. My name is Kamran Hussain and my role is to be a business consultant for M&M and my job is to help M&Ms business to aim the objectives where they need help on which are the following:

    I will explain how should find a way to be able to get their customers to buy their quality pizza and having it on a price on which the customers can afford as they have less disposable income and still having them still earn a decent profit per year and having increasing sales. I will also explain how they should continue to expand such as their competitors are launching websites and having an e-commerce and they should do also and may have to diversify product range this is necessary to do as to gain most of the market share and attract their target audience and increase the sales.

    • Word count: 6778
  22. M&M satisfies the customers need and wants as food is a basic need but pizza is considered to be a luxury food which in other words it is a want product. M&M also sells complementary goods (i.e. garlic bread) which in order for the company to make a profi

    They also find out the consumers' needs and wants by carrying out market research activities. The marketing department's objectives can be fulfilled when business is always trying to make sure the business is selling the right product, at the right price, in the right place and promoting it in the right way at the right time. The marketing department research and investigates consumers by market segmenting which it is looking by customers' age, gender, socio-economic group and geography. They use this so that they could figure out what they want from those four classifications. M&M's target market Gender - M&M targets both of genders which are male and female, the reason why they target both genders is because males and females prefer having to purchase and eat pizza.

    • Word count: 3726
  23. Neds and Expectaitons

    The key areas of customer service in Game are that they listen to their customers. Listening to your customers can make or break the business. Letting your customer know that you are listening make appropriate responses such as suggesting how to solve a problem. This can make the customer happy and make the customer want to come to the business again and again, thus positioning your business to reap all the benefits in good customer service. Good attitudes in the business is vital for any business having a bad attitude in customer service can lead your business having a reduced amount of customers in the end your business deteriorating.

    • Word count: 898
  24. Chocolate Bar Invention and Analysis

    To start of I will have to look of the need of the customers. I will then have a look how my competitors advertise their chocolate bar. I will use secondary sources such as Internet and sending letters off to other big chocolate companies. Once I have devised my own marketing strategy, I shall finish off my project by evaluating how successful this strategy will be. This will tell me how useful it is when launching the new chocolate bar. Importance of Customers The main of a business is to have customers, without them you will lose sales and won't gain profit.

    • Word count: 2406
  25. History of Levis Jeans

    Levi Strauss was a Bavarian dry goods merchant who lived in San Francisco. One of his Levi's customers was Jacob Davis. He was a tailor who continuously purchased plenty of cloth from Levi Strauss. He had an idea to use copper stuff to make them more decorated and more stylish such as on the pocket corners. Unfortunately Jacob didn't have enough money to complete his idea. So he wrote a letter to Levi to suggest him that they both together could go into a business. Strauss accepted his suggestion on May 20, 1873, the two men received a special machine for the improvement in their trousers around the pockets from United States.

    • Word count: 729

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