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Section D Employee recruitment and training at Morrison's. In this section of my coursework I intend to talk about recruitment and training at Morrison's. For the first part of my coursework I will be writing out a job advert for a position at Morrison's, then I will be making curriculum Vitae for myself, and then I will be writing an application letter for the job advert at Morrison's. In part two of my coursework I will be talking about Recruitment and the steps Morrison's take when they recruit an employee. I will also be talking about legal and ethical rules which affect the recruitment process. I will also analyse the effectiveness of the recruitment process in Morrison's. I will also be talking about training in Morrison's. I will be talking about the different types of training that are available at Morrison's, I will also be talking about the importance of training for employers and employees at Morrison's, I will also be telling you training I may receive if I was employed at Morrison's and the purpose of this training, and finally I will talk about Training that Morrison's may offer in the future. Following the leaving of our sales assistant, a brilliant opportunity is now vacant for a sales assistant. Typical sales assistant work activities will include communicating with customers, meeting set sales targets, stocking and cleaning sales area, helping with product selection, offering advice to customers, arranging delivery dates, dealing with customer complaints and monitoring and updating sales area. Example: The qualifications and qualities needed for our sales manager are good computer skills, communication skills and brilliant people skills. ...read more.


Or that they are a friend of a friend. For these reasons most originations like Morrison's prefer there to be more than one person carrying out the interview. With regards to recruitment it is illegal to discriminate against someone applying for a job, one the grounds of gender, race, disability and so on. People applying for jobs or being interviewed must not be treated unfairly. A candidate should not be treated unfairly at any stage of the recruitment process. For example: * Tests should not be set that will require a high level of written English, unless this is necessary to the job. * Women that are attending an interview should not be asked any questions about their family responsibilities unless the men are being asked the same job as well. * If one candidate is in a wheelchair, an interview should take place in an interview where that candidate can easily get to. So the legal and ethical rules that affect the recruitment process are linked together, because the legal reasons relate to the ethical reasons. I think that Morrison's recruitment procedures are very good; I think that they will be very effective when recruiting an employee. I also think they will protect candidates against unfair treatment when they are applying for a job at Morrison's. Training Training is job related and it is when you develop the skills that you already have. It is also an opportunity to develop skills and abilities such as attending a health and safety course. There are many different types of training. The type of training that Morrison's can offer usually on what they can afford. ...read more.


this was a major success for me Interests and Activities I have many interests such as playing drums, I play drums as a profession, also I like to socialise with friends etc. I go out regularly and do not like to work everyday, I like to have a break as well, I have many interests such as reading books, i do all different types of activities to raise money or charities as well Referees 66 London Park Luton Kent DA4 1HR Tel. 01322 231 050 Email: myemail@email.co.uk Dear Manager I am writing to inform you that I have spotted your advert and would like to apply for the job. I have had work experience in the job and have currently quit from the Tesco's position recently as I wasn't treated fairly in the work place. From the information and the knowledge of Morrison's I've received is very good, the information I have gathered from local people and people I know think highly of Morrison's. I would enjoy and cherish the experience of working at Morrison's supermarket; it would be very good on my CV if I get the job. I have 8 GCSE's and the lowest one was a B. I have all the correct GCSE's and the experience to work at this role in Morrison's. It would be a delight to work there and be experience well worth working for. Contact me if you need more details. I can not tell you how much this job would mean to me if I got the opportunity to work as a manager of the local supermarket at Morrison's. You're sincerely Arinder Song Nilgera ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 2; Section D - 1 - ...read more.

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