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The Secret Recipe of The Body Shop

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The Secret Recipe of the Body Shop: A successful franchising brand GROUP ASSIGNMENT PRE-DRAFT What's the uniqueness of this company? The Body Shop is the 2nd largest cosmetics franchise in the world; their stores are everywhere throughout the world - 2400 stores in 61 countries. Its brand name is something but simply, and represents the shop that sells all the goods for body, beauty, and healthcare from top to toe. Its logo is unique and also defines its simplicity, with the green color that describes nature - clearly indicates that the company is environmental friendly. Finally, you will notice that The Body Shop anywhere in the world will not ignore its famous, green, and white logo; and those two colors will be pretty, dominant in any Body Shop outlet that you visit. The Body Shop's products are naturally made and against animal testing. There's something special with the packaging - First of all, the tubes and bottles are recyclable, made by minimum 30% of plastics. The company is trying to reduce of using plastic for higher level recycled content every day. Body Shop also likes to recycled things and made it into accessories. ...read more.


It has good policies and procedures with regards to financial matters and operational concerns. Its procedure of assessing the different kinds of situations that come up is certainly a good move on their part. Not to mention, they have maintained good relations with their stakeholders. 3. Training The Body Shop management trainee program provides autonomy, a challenge and gives the opportunity to run our own store. The trainee will spend the first year in one of their top performing stores as an assistant store manager and in the second year the trainee will manage their own store. During the program, the trainee will also spend time with The Body Shop Commercial team, get involved in project work at head office and gain an insight into what The Community Trade team does. Beyond the program, there are number of opportunities available from managing a store internationally to moving into a commercial role. The company will support their trainee with training, on the job learning, progress reviews and support from senior management. 4. Operation According to the Body Shop Retail Sales report, the total sales worldwide boosted by 7% to �772 million (Body Shop International. ...read more.


From this we can derive that the pioneer of Body Shop ventures into something that is more than just business. There is politics behind. The cosmetic business is bound by principle. 6. Hazard Management The body shop provides safety to its customers. The products itself are naturally made and environmental friendly. They are against animal testing. So the company supports animal and human rights, and the economically climate. In October 2009, the Body Shop was awarded a 'Lifetime Achievement Award' by the RSPCA in Britain, in recognition of its uncompromised policy which ensures ingredients are not tested by its suppliers. Note that the promise of not testing on animals has no bearing on whether the ingredients are from animal sources. They are unique with the outlet decoration. The Body Shop's corporate identity provided a consistent visual cue in its shops. The company's original shop interior concept, nicknamed the "green box" was developed to complement the corporate image. It featured a dark green modular system constructed in timber, and dark green tones on both the exterior and interior. CONCLUSION Lessons learned from The Body Shop's success - Authenticity adds value - The importance of staff selection - Globalization can lead to greater success - Don't confuse your personal strategies with business strategies. Here, a company must have clear strategies. - Advertising and marketing add value - Don't underestimate your competition ...read more.

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