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Case study of business aims. The aim of the business Luke is planning to implement after he graduate is to provide lessons to others in which that he would like to become world best tutor in Information Technology field.

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The aim of the business Luke is planning to implement after he graduate is to provide lessons to others in which that he would like to become world best tutor in Information Technology field. Next, the objective of his business are, firstly, he would like to teach older people on how to use internet and e-mail. This is because he was inspired with such an idea after learning through from his mum's friends in which that they are unwilling and hesitate to go back into workforce because they are not up-to-date with the widespread use of e-mails and other internet application. Besides that, 'fear' is common among older people, but he strongly believes that many people need this service in which he is confident that his business will be successful. Secondly, Luke business also provides hands on experience of the internet in which he will show people how to do online search for information, how to buy products and how to use other services available online. ...read more.


After that, the forces in the business environment in which can potentially affect Luke's business are based on 'Porter's Five Forces'. Firstly, the forces which potentially affect Luke's business are rivalry among existing competitors is high because of the number of competitors' increases. The competitors become more equal in size and capability because the business that Luke's going to start with already got others firm which much larger therefore I think that when Luke start the business he need to put a fair price or much more lower than other firms. Besides that consumers always switch to other company easily therefore he need to make those consumers become loyal customer in which that will keep them stay on his new form business. For example, Luke can give some bonus to his customers once in awhile so as to maintain a good relationship with his customers. Secondly, threat of new entrants is high because the capital to start this business is low and the only little time required entering this market and competing effectively. ...read more.


However, if the products that are provided are unique, the power of bargaining for buyers will be lesser in which that the products will be more special from other firm. In addition, Luke's have to give more information about what will be provided in the lesson, prices and cost. And, if Luke did not provide sufficient information, the bargaining power of buyer will be greater. For example, a restaurant which has unique dishes therefore, the consumers cannot bargain about the price because it does not have at other restaurant. Fifthly, bargaining power of suppliers will increases when there are just a small number of suppliers in which that if Luke's need to up-to-date for his technology, he can't bargaining much about the price because he do not have much choice for him when there are just a small amount of suppliers. For example, internet services in Malaysia are Unifi, Celcom, Maxis, Streamyx, and much more, therefore we can choose those with a better services if the switching cost is low. ...read more.

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