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Case Study Qantas - Marketing and SWOT analysis

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Case Study Qantas Topic 2- marketing Role of marketing Marketing allows Qantas to: Achieve its business goals Identify and satisfy customer needs Give the business a direction Focus on market research Interdependence with Other Key Business Functions Finance- budgets need to be set out for marketing Human resources- staff need to be employed and trained Operations- The operations may physically limit the amount of staff for operations Marketing process SWOT Strengths Lowering of costs and increased efficiency Largest Australian based airline loyalty programme Excellent safety record Globally recognised name and logo Weaknesses Relatively complex fleet High labour and operating costs Union disputes Safety incidents Opportunities Creating a new airline in Asia Developing E commerce Evolving aircraft technology Threats Weakening in the domestic and international market Competition Fuel costs increasing Product lifestyle Introduction- Qantas, started a new product and had promoted heavily. The brand awareness was built up. Growth- Profitability increased by 14% in 2010 and routes were expanded. ...read more.


, intangible benefits (safety and reliability) and the brand name. Price This is the cost of the service to the customer. Pricing methods used are: Cost plus margin- Qantas adds a percentage on top of the COGS Market- Qantas lowers costs if the market demand is high Competition- Qantas may lower costs if the competitors are decreasing prices Pricing strategies include: Price penetration- reducing prices to gain market share Loss leading- Qantas made a loss in the short term in order to compete against other competitors, Promotion This is the methods that an organisation uses to communicate its products for radio, newspapers and posters. Some strategies are: Advertising ? utilising agencies to create media ads for tv, radio, and print media Qantas had spent 44 million dollars in 3 years in order to target corporation. Qantas produced and displayed an advertisement at the Athens Olympics. Publicity- utilising news releases, press conferences and interviews They supported clean up Australia day, world vision and cultural activities such as the Sydney dance company. ...read more.


Some global marketing strategies that have been utilised are: Global branding The same brand/logo (flying kangaroo) >> increases revenue and growth + recognition Packaging and designing costs are reduced. Standardisation This is the standardising of the many elements of the marketing mix. >>> allows economies of scale to be achieved. There is the ?one world? name and logo on all planes + tickets >> improves corporate image + captures greater share. Customisation This is the ability to differentiate the marketing to target different markets. Qantas adjust/tailors its marketing based on the markets. Japanese markets will have Asian dishes and Japanese fluent speakers. Implementing, monitoring and controlling the marketing plan Implementation- the process of turning the marketing plan into action. Qantas undergoes, monitoring, controlling and adjusting marketing via: Developing financial forecasts of revenue using past sales data and surveys. Estimations are then done after. Comparing actual and planned results- done using (sales analysis + market share analysis + market profitability). They reveal the current situation of the business. Revising marketing strategies and taking action. Qantas revised its marketing by reducing prices to stimulate demand, reduced flight frequencies and cancelled orders for new planes. ...read more.

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