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Central and Local Government Structure

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Introduction: The local government in England has seen permanent change in its structure since two and a half decades. The local government was bureaucratic and highly inefficient. As the conservative government came to power, it felt that market should provide solution for economic problems. So, legislation was introduced to address the failure of bureaucratic government and remove the traditionally exercised controls of local authorities. Suppliers of services were separated from generator of services. There have been rivalries and tensions at different levels of District authority and County councils which has often been the barrier in utilizing of scarce resources efficiently. Authorities were believed to be over extravagant, so tight constraints were placed on budgets. Central and Local Government Structure Impact of External change: There have been tremendous amount of external change in the government. Various reforms were introduced by the local government which included the new labor reforms and reforms to manage and measure the performance. This had its impact on ABC County as well. The new government now determined how the council should work. Government came up with the modernizing agenda which stated that- * Local authorities have a duty to promote the economic, social and environmental well-being of their areas * The government structure was to be reformed to make it more accountable to people. * Competitive tendering was to be replaced by tendering by best value. ...read more.


On the basis of this assessment, a table was released which rated the performance of each council. ABC County Council was rated as 'Good' in this. The central government stated that the performance management system should: * Ensure a complete picture of organisational performance is painted for council members and managers. * Mean that best value reviews are used as a tool to change service delivery for the better. * Make it clear to the public and strategic stakeholders how the council is performing. To cope up with the changes made by the central government, the councils had to restructure themselves. There was a need to change the culture and moving to the one which recognizes that service should 'add value' and be 'cost effective'. 5 visions were used to develop the human resource strategic framework which focused on customer, valuing, innovative and adaptable to change, working in partnership and developing the performance management culture. The main issue with performance at ABC County was that good performance was not rewarded. There were no appraisals carried out to motivate employees who exhibited high class performance. So, good performance should be recognized and rewarded appropriately. This would lead to employee motivation and employee retention. Poor performance should be tackled appropriately and measures should be taken to avoid it in future. In employees opinion survey was carried out to know the problems of employees, Pay system was highlighted as the major cause of dissatisfaction by most of the employees. ...read more.


The process should be simple and strait forward. Employee growth- To maintain an effective work force, the growth of employees should not be overlooked. Employees should be provided with growth opportunities regularly. This can be done by involving the employees in different projects wherein they can learn about doing other jobs also. They should be recognized by the top level of management. This would lead to coming in of more and more competent employees. Public relation- Concerns have been shown by the public about the working of the county. There has been low electoral turnout because the performance of county is not known to the public. So, it should try to bring its performance in the knowledge of public through mediums like annual reports, newspapers etc. Questioning and Suggestions- There should be a system wherein each employee has to compulsorily give at least 1 suggestion per month which make a total of more than 3000 suggestions per month. It will be of a great use for the management because it is the employees who can give the best suggestions rather than anyone else. Employees and Community should also be provided with the facility of asking questions from the top management. This would make the organisation more open. Benchmarking- The county should benchmark its performance with those whose performance has been better than its own. Then a detailed analysis should be done to identify the factors which lead to deviations in performance. This would help ABC County to develop continuously until its get the rating of 'excellent' under the Comprehensive Performance Assessments (CPA). ...read more.

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