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Change in modern business.

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Introduction Today's organizations become more complex, ambiguous and more unpredictable, it is experiencing extraordinary change and transformation in all sectors. Change has therefore become a way of life the world over. The companies need to be susceptible and ready to acknowledge the challenges that change presents with and try to overcome these for the benefit of the company as a whole. For due to the ever-changing business and social environments caused strongly by globalizations, this has meant that companies must keep themselves up-to-date, whether it is through using the latest form of technology or through the latest management fad. In order for their company to survive and successfully adapt to the constant challenges that 'change management' presents them with. Therefore through looking at the relationship between leadership and culture it is important to understand how each of these factors alone, and together can have a significant impact upon the success of the organizational change a company can achieve. There are many factors involved with change and the successful management of it which can often be a difficult time for companies. One major barrier for change is resistance of people in organizations. ...read more.


If the company feels a new leadership style is necessary then it must be introduced in such a way that fits in with the culture of the company. Overcoming the issue that culture can be a big barrier to effective change. It sounds as though change is a process that no company will want to happen; a positive example however of organizational change was achieved by Staffordshire County Council. It managed to overcome many barriers facing through sharing the concept of change, and why it was happening, providing training sessions for employees to learn how to work with new computer systems to save time and resources. A key element here seems to have been communication, relating to the style of leadership and culture in a firm. For communication is a good key to success, and a good way to communicate to the workforce is through leadership, if a company can do this then they can hopefully gain the workers trust and introduce changes more effectively (7). Resistance to change and How to reduce it When managers try to carry out changes, the main problem may face is resistance. ...read more.


Conclusion It has been a very useful receives to examine the internal problem-resistance to organizational change for number of reasons. Firstly, it was realize how Organizations must recognize that the key to survival is the ability to change and adapt as it is necessary to meet the changing environment. The changing environment presents a challenge for organizations, and must adapt to these new conditions to succeed and remain competitive (1). Secondly, an effective change management strategy is necessary for the change to be implemented successfully. That is leadership and culture play a vital role in influencing the ways in which employee perceive change. Understanding why employees resist change is the first step in learning how to manage this resistance. What is more, employees' resistance to change is a complex issue facing management in the dynamic and ever-changing organization of today. Change is everywhere and resistance to change has been identified as a critically important contributor to the failure of many well-intended and well-conceived change initiatives. Whatever the change inside an organization might be, and whatever the reasons are behind it, a good way of implementing the change successfully is for managers to treat the participation and communication with their employees as an integral part of the change process (4). Therefore, it has been beneficial experiences to analysis organizational change in great depth. ...read more.

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