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Changes to the set context due to the system

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Changes to the set context due to the system There will obviously have to be some changes to how the cinema is run because of ICT and the system. The system will have to be maintained and it will also have to be prioritised over other methods of advertising. The reason for this is because, this will soon probably become the most efficient and most used method to find out facts about the cinema. This is going to change many things in the cinema. The cinema is going to hire people who can manage websites and know how ICT works and are willing t put in extra effort to improve and maintain their improvements to the system. It is likely that someone is going to loose their job because of the switch from so called analogue to technological devices. ...read more.


a fresh face to the cinema with new staff who can carry out the tasks which the old were performing and also have the advantage over the old ones because of their knowledge on technical devices. The old staff may be reliable and worthy of their job, so the cinema might decide to offer training to certain individuals. This is a possibility for the cinema if they don't want to loose some of their employees. The cinema also has to think about the fact that training is more expensive then replacing the old staff with new staff. It would be easier to do this, but the cinema doesn't know how reliable the new staff may be. This could be an issue to think about. They might have all the knowledge but they might not be willing to work as hard of as efficiently as the old staff. ...read more.


The staff needs to learn how to use new programs and operate FTP programs. It is possible to offer new posts for certain jobs and to keep some of the posts which are already at the cinema. The new posts could be offered to the people who can do things which others can't. For example, maintaining the system. The kind of jibs which can be kept would be selling tickets and refreshments. These are just a few of the changes which can be made. Training can be offered to those on the tills so that they can adjust to the new system. The reason why it is a good idea to keep some of the old staff and to get some new staff is because, if the majority of your staff are dismissed because they don't know how to use technical devices then there is going to be a certain amount of anger towards the cinema, and this could potentially ruin the name of the company. ...read more.

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