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chapter 7

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HIST 1302 LSC Spring Semester - Mr. John Payne Writing a Historical Book Review Writing a book review as an assignment in a history course is designed to promote at least four important objectives: (1) effective writing, (2)) substantive knowledge about a particular historical topic, (3) the development of a historical perspective and an understanding of the nature and use of historical research, and (4) an ability to think critically about the work of others. A typical summary "book report" can at best teach only the first two objectives. A critical book review goes beyond mere summary to inquire into the overall worth of the work. There are six steps to preparing a review of a historical work. With some modifications, these steps also apply to writing reviews of other nonfiction works. NOTE: All submissions will be checked for plagiarism using the software program "Turn-It In." This program checks each submission against a host of sources including previously submitted papers on the subject at Lone Star College. Academic integrity is a serious matter. If you have a question on this item review the college policy outlined in the syllabus. 1. Select a book. Three books have been selected to augment the text book for this course. Each additional reading should be read and reviewed during its respective unit of the course as outlined in the syllabus.. 2. Determine the purpose of the book and the intended audience. The best place to determine both purpose and audience is usually in the preface, foreword, or introduction. ...read more.


In the next block to the right (a pull down menu) select TI Title. In the second line block which has a pull down menu select PS Reviews and Products. Next click Search and a list of available reviews will appear. Select the ones you wish to review and you will get some ideas of how a good review should look. To use JSTOR click on it. Again if logging in from home you will be asked to enter your library card number and once you enter it you will be directed to the database. Once in the database click on Search. Next click on Advanced Search. In the next window in the block for All of these words type your book title. Next narrow your search by checking the box for Title. In the next line click the box for Review. Next scroll down the page and check the box for History - 15 Journals. To start the search scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Search. Next a list of all the reviews available will appear. You can click on Review to get an onscreen view of the review but if your internet connection is the least bit slow this can be time consuming. Another way to get the info is by clicking on Download in the last line of each review listed. This will bring up a window for you to select the format for the download. ...read more.


Author's thesis or presentation of the biographical subject is somewhat clearly stated (10 pts) Author's thesis or presentation of the biographical subject is clearly stated (15 pts) 15 Spelling The review contains an abundance of spelling errors that detract the reader from the content. (0 pts) The review contains several spelling errors. (5 pts) The review contains a few spelling errors. (10 pts) The review contains no spelling errors. (15 pts) 15 Grammar The review contains an abundance of grammatical errors that detract the reader from the content. (0 pts) The review contains several grammatical errors. (5 pts) The review contains a few grammatical errors. 10 pts) The review contains no grammatical errors. (15 pts) 15 Style -Readability Big problems in sentence structure, grammar and diction. Frequent major errors in punctuation, citation style and spelling. May have many run-on sentences and comma splices. (0 pts) Problems in sentence structure, grammar and diction. Errors in punctuation, citation style and spelling. May have several run-on sentences or comma splices. (5 pts) Sentence structure, grammar and diction strong despite occasional lapses. Punctuation and citation style often used correctly. Some (minor) spelling errors; May have one run-on sentence or comma splice. (10 pts) Sentence structure, grammar and diction excellent; correct use of punctuation and citation style; minimal to no spelling errors; no run-on sentences or comma splices. (15 pts) 15 Recommendation No recommendation given. (0 pts) Recommendation given with no explanation. (5 pts) Recommendation given with limited explanation. (10 pts) Recommendation given with clear and complete explanation. (15 pts) 15 0 30 70 100 100 ...read more.

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