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CharacteristicsMotivated by speedLike short deadlinesTend to delay jobs until they are urgentLike pressure & activity

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HURRY UP Time Management HO4 Characteristics Motivated by speed Like short deadlines Tend to delay jobs until they are urgent Like pressure & activity Can appear impatient Potential Problems Crisis Management Hate preparation - bad planning Susceptible to mistakes Creates pressure on others with delegation Bad communication Poor health / stress Possible Solutions Plan time for relaxation Develop listening skills Break down tasks into small interim targets Encourage accuracy. BE PERFECT Characteristics Motivated by perfection Reliable, accurate work Thorough preparation, attention to detail Don't like short deadlines Plan ahead Well organised Apply high expectations to self and ...read more.


PLEASE PERSON Characteristics Motivated by pleasing others Natural team players Understanding / Considerate Hate confrontation Find it hard to say no Versatile Potential Problems Accumulate work - can appear disorganised Can't prioritise Prone to interruptions Exploitation Don't like criticism Possible Solutions Learn to say no Control interruptions Identify own limitations Setting own priorities Assertiveness training TRY HARD Characteristics Motivated by new and interesting tasks Getting projects started Concepts and ideas person Enthusiastic towards problems Inquisitive / volunteer for things Potential Problems Easily bored Flick between ideas - makes communication difficult Never finish a task Poor organisation skills for mundane tasks Physical wanderers Possible Solutions Prioritise mundane tasks to beginning to finish them first. ...read more.


overworked Strained employee relationships - staff are afraid to ask questions Communication is cold / aloof Not admit mistakes - impact on team members Possible Solutions Set working day - encourage social activities Be assertive with yourself Encourage team working WHAT SORT OF TIME MANAGEMENT SYSTEM WOULD BEST SUIT EACH STYLE? HURRY UP Simple Quick to use Little writing / transcribing Easy to keep tidy BE PERFECT Concise Detailed Looks neat and presentable Backup included PLEASE PERSON Own system TRY HARD Interesting Variety Constantly changing High Tech BE STRONG Practical No-one else is involved ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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