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Choose an organization with which you are familiar. Discuss the extent to which it has embraced the marketing concept, and critically appraise its marketing strategy.

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Assignment: Choose an organization with which you are familiar. Discuss the extent to which it has embraced the marketing concept, and critically appraise its marketing strategy. Main Structure: 1. General Introduction of Merloni Termosanitari (China) Co., Ltd. ............. 150 words 2. Business mission & Goal .............400 words 2.1 SWOT analysis 2.2 Goal formulation 3. Marketing strategy developing ..............600 words 3.1 STP: segmentation, targeting, positioning 3.2 Marketing mix 4. Marketing strategy implementation ............500 words 4.1 Marketing channels management 4.2 Sales activities management 4.3 Budgeting & control 5. Conclusion: critical analysis .............350 words 5.1 Non-precise information 5.2 Limited marketing department function Total counted: 2,000 words MTS (CHINA) MARKETING STRATEGY OVERVIEW MTS groupO1 was established in 1930. In 1950, three different product lines were created after successfully distribute its products during the 1st 10 years: water heating and storage appliances, gas storage cylinders and domestic electrical appliances. Nowadays, MTS is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of water heaters, boilers, burners, components and baths. Since the 1970s, the MTS has expanded globally, opening new branches, production plants and acquiring established factories across the globe, specialize in and concentrate on sanitary and heating products. 'ARISTON' brand was launched in 1960, destined to became one of the greatest trade and consumer brands in its sector, and took an international notoriety (in Greek language: ARISTON = the best). ...read more.


Along with its famous ARISTON mark, a warm, fragrant small house with funnel, MTS marketers decided to deliver customers such information: best quality, best design, safest and durable. Then, MTS targeted its financial objectives: * Earn an annual ROI of 1% after taxes over the next ten years * Produce net profits of $300,000 in the 1st financial year with a target profit margin of 10 percent on sales revenue * Achieve 1st year total sales revenue of $3 million, based on an average price of $100 per unit MTS's marketing objectives are to: * Achieve a 1st year unit sales amount of over 300,0000, with galvanized EWH in product line * Increase market share to 40% by the end of the 4th years, launch new enamelled products Solving the positioning problem enables the company to solve the marketing-mix problemO5. The same as multi-branches of service coordinating with each other in a war, to translate marketing strategy into action program, marketing mix are the core subjects in MTS's marketing plan: 1. Product, the basic tool: MTS has a wide range of water heaters, from 10 litres to 200 litres, enamelled inner-tank & galvanized inner-tank, horizontal & vertical, EWH & GWH. The company decided to focus on 50 litres to 100 litre enamelled EWH, emphasis multi-functional, safety and durable. ...read more.


For example, it takes too long time to make classified annual sales budget, and the gap between actual and budget is predicted but 'uncontrollable'. This increase the risk for leading the company to selling orientation, instead of marketing orientation * Sales team is increasing, sales expense is increasing, but still call for integrated activities. Marketing department only keen on advertising activities. Besides annual budget, there is even not a formal marketing plan. The company is operating as what 'it was doing' Regarding the above issues, the company has many selections to be taken: * Develop new product for the new market. The purchasing force in west China is not as strong as east China, but the government is accelerate the developing speed, meanwhile, west China has plentiful natural resources. MTS China can develop lower-price, high quality GWH and solar energy EWH to enter the market * Segmentation, targeting and positioning are the 1st step of value delivery chain, marketing information must be adapted to the different requirements of each production line. Information feed back from sales branches, rep office should be integrated and formulized to meet managerial requirement * Marketing strategy plan is an official guide for all the related departments to consider 'Market & Customers'. As Eisenhower once said: In preparing for battle, I have always found that plans are useless but planning is indispensable', Marketing department should take his responsibility. ...read more.

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