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Citizenzhip research coursework. I am aiming to find out in what ways Trocaire helps poverty stricken countries and by doing this I will raise awareness of the vital work of the organisation to the people around me.

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CCEA GCSE Learning for Life and Work Unit 1: Report Year 2010-12 Unit used for Focus Unit 3: Local and Global Citizenship Content Rights and responsibilities regarding local, national and global issues. Selected Aspect Ways in which the individual can become more aware and active in local, national and global issues, for example through pressure groups and volunteering. Investigative Task To investigate ways in which an individual can become more aware and active in ........... issues through the work of an NGO. CAT Title Trocaire Name Sean mcconvey Candidate Number Tutor Group 12-3 Teacher Miss morgan Sub Task 1: Introducing the Controlled Assessment Task CAT Title To investigate the 1.1 What do I mean by the key words aware, active, NGOs and pressure groups, volunteering? Aware - To have knowledge of something going on and have information on something e.g. "I was aware of the classmate stealing my pencil." Active- You are involved in something NGO- A non-governmental organisation which can be any organisation not connected with the government. Pressure groups - A group which encourages a person or another group into doing something and persists until they change. ...read more.


contact with NGO, www, media advertisements 2.3 Summary of the information needed and possible sources I will need information on how trocaire help and in what countries they help. I will also need some information on how the general public can help. And also on how trocaire can make a difference. To gain this information you could use the www, textbook, notes from NGO conference, media and you could also get in contact with the NGO Table 2 Considering and selecting methods of research/investigation and reasons for using them. 2.4 Sources which might be used 2.5 Methods 2.6 Reason to select or reject 2.7 Selected www Use google search or go to NGO webpage This is a great resource as it has lots of information and is possible as long as my computer works select media Tv, radio, news, newspaper If on tv or radio may forget unless you have a pencil and pen with you all of the time reject Notes from NGO conference Go through notes and pick out relevant information Have lost all of my notes from last years conference reject Get in contact with NGO You could contact them by phone or email and you could get this info from their website They will ...read more.


I also think that my font size is very suitable for a slide show as it is not to small not to be eye catching and also not to big so as you can not get any information on the pages. I layed out my power point using bullet points to make it more eye catching and appealing to the eye. Some people may not agree with this but I think it is the best way in which to lay out any power point. In my power point I also had slides with lots of info and others with very little info I think this help the audience understand the power point better as that way they are not getting drowned with information. I think my information content is very good as there is a good ratio between the info and the raw facts. Overall I thought that my power point is perfect for a year 12 audience as all of the elements of the power point are geared toward a teenage audience so as they may noyt get to bored with being overloaded with dull information and if I where to do my power point over again I don't think I would change any of it as it turned out exactly like I wanted it to. ...read more.

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