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Clinical Leader Responsibilities In Relation To Mentorship Program.

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Clinical Leader Responsibilities In Relation To Mentorship Program PURPOSE: 1) To teach Mentor Clinical Leader responsibilities so Mentor can provide support & guidance for Nurses who take charge responsibilities on a regular basis 2) To orient Nurse in 1-2 weeks with? Check- list on completion /? Certificate or? Learning passport type of booklet (to be completed) 3) To outline Clinical Leader Responsibilities (^ = change, q = every, UC = unit clerk, BV = blood vol.) Pacman : entering new patients (acute & chronic) into database , sorting patients , printing & updating daily, weekly , monthly & annual lists ,entering & ^'ing data for Kt/V , PRU's , patient schedules etc.; legalities of database & printouts Hepatitis : interpretation & analyzing results, scheduling vaccinations in B/W book , kx, & computer ;initializing or entering new patients into database , updating isolation q mon. based on hepatitis results , ordering of vaccinations from BCCD, consulting with BCCD re: results , interpretation of unusual results , new updates etc. ...read more.


, skill &/or work issues & accomplishments, recognition of staff achievements ;communication of day to day issues, long & short term changes in unit policies & procedures , patient up-dates , am & 1500 report , reporting to evening charge nurse ,CRN report , SW , UC Tech & Mentor communication books (voice mail for SW & Dietician also an option) , report to SW , Dietician & Pharmacist q am & prn ; maintain communication with Techs & UC regarding board changes & with Nurses regarding their assignment changes ; informing at least 1 person ( usually U.C.) when leaving unit for an extended period of time; monitoring & guiding staff both in the dialysis unit & off ward ; responsible to set staff meeting agenda (provided by staff -blank document posted prior to meeting) Rounds : q thur ; designate nurse (prn) to follow-up on outstanding unit issues while at rounds ; print rounds lists (usually U.C.) , ensure Pharmacist , SW, Dietician , Neprologist & interested staff aware of time & location or any ^'s from the usual ; preparation for rounds & follow-up of identified issues; clarification & documentation (on rounds sheet) ...read more.


working with national , regional, local & outside agencies related to patient ,unit & staff concerns (for ex.: CRN is the contact & person responsible for CORR data , working in co-operation with Specials @ RCH for patient interventions , maintenance @ SMH for unit physical problems, WCB for staff injuries) ; transplant work-up & initiation of test & submission of forms ,or ensure patients Nephrologist office aware of referral to transplant, ensuring cytotoxic antibodies drawn the 1st of q month Misc. : responsible for patient , staff & visitor safety while in the dialysis unit by having knowledge of & ability to implement when necessary: evacuation procedures & routes ,direct persons to appropriate fire exits & ensure passage kept clear ,implement disaster procedures according to manual & fan out lists , implement or provide for crisis intervention ,initiation of diversion policy ,monitor infection control guidelines & policies & ability to recognize & report appropriately any trend changes negative or otherwise that impact patient outcomes & safety as well as staff performance & safety ; thorough knowledge of dialysis machines/RO , procedures , safety issues , equipment & unit procedures , hospital policies & procedures V.Sparrow ,June,2003 ...read more.

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