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Co-ordinate implementation of customer service strategies - McDonalds: Service to customers

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Deema Hamoud 4190067404 Bert Choollin Assignment 1, Part A 1st March 2003 McDonalds: Service to Customers Brief Background McDonalds is a well admired, large organization of approximately 5,500 locally owned and operated businesses all around the world. Food quality is the key at McDonald's as is has implemented rigorous food safety standards for almost 50 years, and the fast food restaurant has been recognized for its popular and well known meals, ranging from delicious burgers, well known French fries, healthy salads, rolls, fruits, deserts, and also breakfast foods such as bacon and eggs, cereals and pancakes. The restaurant also has Ronald McDonald House Charities and its global network of independent local Chapters, which help find, create, and support programs that directly improve the health and well-being of children. There are many employees in each McDonald's restaurant which are well trained to help serve the more than 47 million customers, in 119 countries from more than 30,000 different restaurant locations. The specific department on which is being focused on this report revolves around working on the front counter; this includes customer service, preparation of the meals, dealing with cash, cleaning and stocking. Organisation's internal and external customers Working on the front counter at McDonalds deals with the external customers, these are the people who pay for the product/food that the business has to offer. ...read more.


When there is a 'customer rush', the store should be adequately staffed to allow employees to be prepared and deal with the large group of people as quick as they can. The organisation becomes aware of the requirements from previous circumstances when customers complain that their food is not fresh, or if they have been waiting a long time for their meal to be prepared. All McDonald's restaurants have possession of a particular McDonalds owned clock which works as a timer and helps in the process to distinguish how long the burgers have been sitting for. This process prevents the burgers from going past the stage where they are not fresh anymore. The fry station in which the fries are made also has a separate timer which goes of when the fries are no longer fresh. From time to time, accidents may happen and the timers may not be used efficiently. This is when the food gets cold, and customers begin to complain. When a customer complains of their food being cold or not fresh, they should be treated with extra consideration, get an apology and then have their meal replaced. The only way this problem can be resolved is for workers to make sure they keep an eye on the timers, and if there are no fresh burgers when a customer is served, they should be seated and have they're meal taken to them within a few minutes. ...read more.


"For McDonald's to achieve our goal of being the world's best quick service restaurant experience, we must have the best experience for all McDonald's employees." This quotes that the quality of the McDonalds business revolves around the employees actions. Another main issue is that there is always a clean surrounding of each restaurant, to make everyone feel comfortable to dine in. The main customer objective is when food is not fresh. To fulfill this objective, budget recourses which may help with the solution could include a buzzer or alarm to indicate that the food is off. Stronger heat may help so that the burgers, and fries stay hot, but this brings danger to the employees with the high risks of burns. The company can look further towards these issues to come to a resolution to the complaints. Conclusion The company of McDonalds is a largely known and popular business. The reoccurrence of so many customers indicates that it is successful. But there can never be enough of pleasing customers, because the more pleased customers become, the more business the store will get, this is from word of mouth. Therefore if a customer has a bad experience, the company's earnings may slightly drop. McDonalds is cautious of the way they handle customers, the environment, and the quality of their food. They are also aware of customer complaints or suggestions of improving the service, food, etc. This helps a lot to improve the business which is becoming more and more popular everyday. ...read more.

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