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Communication Technology's Development and its effect on Management Practice

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INTRODUCTION Nowadays, more and more companies chose to go globally as the growth in communication technology and transport. It is easier for companies to expand the business activities across countries. When a company expands a large potion of its business outside its own country, it becomes a global business. Globalisation is not a single process, but can be described as a number of processes by which products, people, companies, money and information are able to move effectively and quickly around the world. It has two main components: the globalisation of markets and the globalisation of production. Globalisation of markets is referred to the merging of historically distinct and separate national markets in one huge global marketplace. The globalisation of production is referred to the tendency among firms to source goods and services from different locations around the globe in order to take advantage of national differences in the cost and quality of factors of production, such as labor rates, land and raw materials in different countries. CHAPTER1. OVERVIEW OF MOBILE YOUTH MARKET Especially in the last few decades, a market has been increasing among a new, very significant and high-ranking consumer group, and young people. ...read more.


Persil, Nescafe, Fosters and Dulux are excellent examples of product brand names. I. First, then, it should be stressed, that when we refer to the term 'brand', we use it to include not only consumer products, but a whole host of offerings, which include people (such as politicians and pop stars), places (such as Bangkok), ships (such as the QE2), companies, manufacturing products, service products, and so on. II. Second, dissimilarity should be drawn between a "brand" and a commodity. Commodity markets typically are characterized by the lack of perceived differentiation by customers between competing offerings. Through packaging and, more particularly, promotion, an international brand has been created with high brand loyalty and consequently it sells for a price well in excess of the costs of the ingredients. * Conversely, one can also find examples of once-strong brands, which have been allowed to decay and in effect become commodities. This process is often brought about because the marketing asset base has been allowed to erode-perhaps through price-cutting or through a lack of attention to product improvement in the face o competition. * Successful brand building helps profitability by adding values that attract customers to buy. ...read more.


4.2 Global Consumers Attitudes * However, Kolter and Armstrong (2001) argued that consumers around the world differ in their cultures, attitudes and buying behaviors. * Also, market vary in their economic conditions, competitions, Accordingly, the differences across countries make marketers face particular challenges. I. First, they must figure out what products to be produced and what services to be provided in which countries. II. Then, they must decide how much to standardize or adapting their marketing program to each country. This dynamic environment constructed TWO fundamental counteracting forces: 1) Standardizations and localization. They are the key issues in the international marketing management. The mobile phone industry is one of the global businesses tends toward globalisation and technological innovation. 2) Mobile phone companies are making effort to build up their global marketing strategy, especially heavily investing in Research & Development and design in order to compete over the globe. 4.3 Global Marketing Strategy * By the concept of globalization, worldwide businesses use global marketing when they take the same or similar approach or content for one or more elements of the marketing mix, that is, the same or similar brand names, advertising, and so on in different. I. Straight extension means marketing the product in the foreign market without any change. Top management tells its marketing people:" Find customers for the product as it is." II. ...read more.

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