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Communications Report

Extracts from this document...


Communications Report Harriet Blair Candidate No. 3005 Centre No. 51323 ACTION PLAN Date (Complete by) What I intend to do Resources (see sources for web addresses etc.) Problems / Adjustments Complete? 04/02/08 I will plan out what tasks I need to carry out to complete the report and arrange these into an Action Plan. I will print said Action Plan off to hand in. Start initial desk research into communication and objectives. Textbook (GCSE Business Studies for Edexcel, Hodder & Stoughton - Sue Alpin, Jan Cooper, Gerard O'Hara, Fiona Petrucke), information from Mrs Sammons, Business Studies teacher. No Yes 08/02/08 Finish sections on need for communication and business objectives. Start on report (continual, to be added to each week) Textbook, internet, sheets on communication. Not enough information to start report, have to postpone that section until more research is done. Yes 11/02/08 Create questionnaires; begin to give them to people Representatives of Gillette, First Software, Tesco, Superdrug, e-scenarios, Bangles and Cara No Yes 15/02/08 Continue to give / receive questionnaires, collect information and collate into simple graphs and charts. Information from questionnaires. Not all questionnaires handed back on time, have to wait until last on is given in to finish making graphs. Yes 18/02/08 Write up observation research and interview. Observations from work experience at Fitness First, interviewee (Mr Nigel Blair, northgate-is). No Yes 22/02/08 Stark desk research, find out about different kinds of communication and costing etc. for next section. Internet (sites in sources) and textbook (as above). No Yes 25/02/08 Finish all research and print off all data to hand in. As above. Printer not working, had to delay handing in until could print off at school. Yes 03/03/08 Write up research on communications media, fulfilling all criteria from notes. Start to make recommendations and relate to research. Information from research. No Yes 10/03/08 Finish writing out report, check it all works and print out work so far. ...read more.


Meetings and conference calls can also end up not being very productive and then they seem as if they are a waste of time and money. How do you think any problems could be solved? Unnecessary meetings should be minimized as they take up a lot of time, money and effort and therefore are very pointless. Also we are now involving a lot of new technology such as email, text messaging and the use of online forums which has meant that our communications are a lot quicker and has saved a lot of time and money. Do you have anybody specifically employed to aid communication within the business? Not anyone in particular but engineers have to fix communications networks such as the computer system occasionally. Work Experience Through my work experience at the Fitness First gym in Tilehurst I learned a great deal about how communications were dealt with in this particular business. There were several different types of communication and each one dealt with different purposes. For communicating within the different branches of Fitness First there were landline telephones and an email system with which each employee could have their own email account. There were three computers, two located in the Marketing office so that communication with customers could be dealt with and one at reception which dealt with other communications. There were many telephones throughout the building. All employees were obliged to carry a switched on mobile phone when off the site as this made it easier for the company to get in touch with them. I observed some bad communication as one man had not taken his phone with him to a course and the company had to spend a lot of time trying to get hold of him which wasted valuable time and money in the process. For internal use there was a noticeboard, a whiteboard which the employees could add to and a tannoy system. ...read more.


Another implication the new communications systems may have is on the environment. The computer system and phone system will use much more electricity than the sites use at present and so increased energy usage will incur more fossil fuels being burned which contributes to pollution and using up of resources as well as being expensive. A way to make sure that this impact is reduced it to ensure that computers are always turned off when they are not in use and in time of extended non-use of a certain electrical implement it should be switched off at the socket. This will ensure that no excess electricity is used and you are harming the environment as little as possible. Also, written communication will mean that you will use up a lot of paper which can be environmentally unfriendly. There are two ways around this which can either be used separately or together. You could either buy paper from a sustainable source as this prevents deforestation and/or recycling bins could be put around the sites to allow staff to recycle any waste paper and prevent any excess wastage which would be bad for the environment. These measures to protect the planet not only fulfil government targets but also help to fulfil business objectives as the brand name will be associated with 'green' practices which will probably increase sales and help to maximise profits even though there will be some increase in overheads to implement and oversee the improvements being put into place. Overall, these recommendations should fulfil the requirements of the business and overcome the problems outlined in the brief. Sources Paper - G.C.S.E. Business Studies for Edexcel ~ Sue Alpin, Ged O'Hara, Jane Cooper, Fiona Petrucke. (2004) G.C.S.E. Bitesize Check and Test, Business Studies ~ Ren´┐Że Huggett (2001) People - Mr Nigel Blair Organisations - Northgate-is Gillette Tesco Bangles Cara Fitness First Superdrug Electronic - http://www.wikipedia.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communication http://www.pcworld.co.uk/ http://www.misco.co.uk/indexuk.asp? http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Browse/catalogId/1500001001/identifier/9555804.htm http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/rooms/workspace/ ?? ?? ?? ?? FilmWatch Division Marketing Plan 2 3 Harriet Blair Centre No: 51323 Candidate 3005 - 2 - ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Case Studies section.

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