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Comparative report on HMV and Hope House. Objectives of a PLC and a charity.

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Comparative report on HMV and Hope House. The manager has decided he is still unsure about different types of business ownership aims and objectives. He has asked you to create a short report that will incorporate the two sections. Within this report he has requested you to compare and contrast the following points for your two businesses. (The two businesses must have been researched for your P1 task). HMV This is a public limited company. The name of the company ends with plc / plc. Shares can be sold on stock exchange and the public can by the shares and investors can buy shares as well. Shares sold to the public bring in a lot of money to the company. ...read more.


Hope house is based in two places Oswestry and Conwy. They provide practical and emotional support to families. It costs �3.5 million a year to run both hospices which rely almost entirely on donations as well as individual who fundraises on behalf of Hope House e.g. Santa runs, coffee mornings, dinner dance, silent auction and a monthly lottery. HMV Aims are:- * Maximise profit to grow the business e.g. opening new stores. * Provide a good and quality service. * Reduce cost to increase to expand market share. * Increase sales to boost income. HMV objectives are:- * Start a loyalty scheme to increase number of customers. * Reduce cost to increase market share. ...read more.


Size of business Small Large Scale of business National. Global. Sector of business Tertiary. Tertiary. Number of employees 40-60 12,000 The difference between the two companies is:- * HMV purpose is to maximise profit and grow the business as much as possible, where Hope House wants to provide quality service for their clients. * Hope house employees around 40-60 staff which is very small compare to HMV who employees 12,000 staff. * Hope house is a charity company which helps children and young adults, where as HMV sells goods and offer a service to the public. * Hope house is a national business and HMV is a Global business. The similarity between the two companies is:- * Both of the companies belong to the Tertiary sector. The business aims and objective varies between different companies, it depend which sector they belong to. Example Hope House have different aims and objective to HMV. ...read more.

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3 star(s)

Response to the question

The author answers the question fairly well, as he/she clearly compares the two businesses. He/she shows us this with the different sections about each business. It can be good to separate your work like this, and then bring the similarities ...

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Response to the question

The author answers the question fairly well, as he/she clearly compares the two businesses. He/she shows us this with the different sections about each business. It can be good to separate your work like this, and then bring the similarities and differences together at the end, which the author does well. My one criticism would be the definitions (like what a PLC is), which were fairly poor, however they would do the job. The author shows off their research quite well, which shows the marker that a lot of effort went in to the essay. Also the use of a table was very good, as brought together data to help them compare and contrast. So if you can in a business studies essay try and bring in a graph or a table, as it can help you present your data.

Level of analysis

The level of analysis was ok, where by it did the what was required by showing the obvious differences like global and national, but didn't really compare the differences in mindset, like one was a charity the other a profit-hunting business. Yes, they do state the information but they don't actually say they are different, making the reader have to work it out. When ever doing an essay like this, try to ensure that you explain/ compare everything you have mentioned. Where as in this essay the compare/ contrast was done in one sentence at the end, where it should have been done in at least three sentences, like one for size, one for market and one for objectives.

Quality of writing

The spelling and grammar was ok, but there were some typos, like 'depend' rather than 'depends'. This problem can be easily avoided by just re-reading your work before submission. This essay received three stars as it did compare/ contrast a bit but was not enough to warrant a higher mark.

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Reviewed by islander15 24/02/2012

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