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Comparing and Contrasting

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`````Task 4B I am going to compare and contrast NHS and M&S and their aims and objectives: how they do their similarities and differences and I'm going to relate to the type of ownership, size of the business and their business activities. NHS and M&S Aims and Objectives There are some aims and objectives that the business sets towards helping them set out their targets and other important matters. The NHS are: Their aims: - To improve service provision, Operate within budget - To provide free medicine to UK child residents - To cut down waiting lists - Reduce health risks or potential complications, through cross infection - Recruit specifically trained medical staff to deal with all types of problems. ...read more.


customers, as a retailer - To advertise their products on a wide scale - To employ customers and then train them Their objectives are to: - To buy food from secondary sectors for selling - To have an clean environment for meeting with customer expectations - To look for advertising space - To make up slogans and puns to attract the customer Both of the businesses have similarities, these are like - To have high-quality customer service - To have more highly trained staff - Both breakeven and both get profit Both businesses have different types of ownerships. The government owns and runs the businesses of the pubic sector and the shareholder owns and runs the private sector. ...read more.


The same goes for M&S. If they don't have good customer service then people would be angry that they are rude and show no sympathy towards the business. They would definitely bring their reputation down. In Addition, both businesses need to breakeven at some point. (If they don't this can cause bankruptcy). The businesses should have highly trained staff to deal with different types of problems the should arise in the business. Both businesses have differences which include their size and scale. M&S is a international business and NHS is a national business. They both do very different activities because they are in different sectors. The NHS may have an aim to provide free services to UK based residents but the M&S aim to make profits for dividants. ...read more.

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